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Turning Philosophical

I feel like climbing a mountain and meditating for a while.

On life. On the ups and downs and waves of agony that follow us around. On despair and hope and happiness and deceit. Of everything, the strange ways of our planet included. The gray rays of cloud, the starlight that seeps through an evaporating mist of toxic smog.

So I guess that means I might write some poetry soon.

Feelancing Again

Recently I've started freelancing again. What I mean is, I made the design page public and I'm now accepting design work. I've also been bidding on a few assignments over at Freelancer. All the Indians on the site are drastically reducing competition though, there's no way I'll write a 500 word article for half a dollar for example (at least not if I want to profit from it), but in certain categories (where competence is a must) the salary does climb higher. There's a lot of opportunity out there. I'm still studying full time, but there's always some time over. Time for $$$.

Benches At The Dentist

I just booked an appointment.

After a long time (years) of stalling I made up my mind and called in, and it's amazing how relieved I feel right now. I guess the tension has been building up these past few weeks that I've spent researching the perfect place to go to. Or maybe it's just cause I didn't sleep very well last night. Maybe a probable combination of the two, but either way I'm so amazingly relieved my nose is quickly clogging, my eyes watering like an overflowing dam. Strange huh? Don't remember the last time I felt like this.

No doubt I'll be hellishly nervous next week when the time is growing short, but it's an inescapable phase of the month. I just have to get my teeth checked. I think I lost a filling some time last year, because there's a big hole (doesn't look like a cavity though, too round) in one of my molars, and I think I need to fix a couple of other teeth as well. Not sure. I'm not getting my hopes up though, I haven't been bound by routine the past few years when it comes to brushing teeth so it won't be a surprise if there is trouble. Of course I am now (bound by routine), but it's easier to fix a problem after it appears than before there is one. Laser care is a must for me since my fear of going to the dentist has been growing to unrecognizable proportions the past few years. I think last time was 4 years ago. Not sure.

But I feel great now, anyway. :) Gotta live in the moment. I'm going the 23rd, so there's still much time left! Later.

Life Is Trouble

And just when I thought life was going well, the sun goes down. Dark skies foreboding of doom and despair appear. All hope is lost. The oceans quell. Sailors seek shelter, harboring their ships. Defiant citizens seek adventure, yet they are pushed down by the storm. But then again, the sun rises, and the skies are clear, the air is fresh, and though the world is the same it smells better. No wait, that's the smell of... trouble.

Great Way To Start The Day

Life begins early. You're born before you're a year old. So it's only natural mornings should start early as well. I got up at 8:30 today, and for the renaming days this week I plan on going up 15 minutes earlier each new day. Lately I've been sleeping late. I've been sleepy. When I say lately I mean the past half year. So even if this doesn't sound like that big of a deal to you, to me it's the start of a big change, a better routine, and a better morning routine forms the foundation for the rest of the day.

On mornings I get up. I brush my teeth. I warm up with a military training exercise (it's not as tough as the name makes believe though). I boot the computer and launch a batch file with a list of sites that are either 1) Informative 2) Useful 3) Entertaining. Once I've written a couple of written entries on two of those sites, used up all stamina on another one of those sites, watched the newest video clips on a third of these sites, read the news on a fourth and a fifth, checked my email on a sixth and a seventh, and occasionally read something on the eighth site, it's time for breakfast.

After that? Work. At around ten, walk. At arrival back, lunch. After that, work. At about 15, break. At about 18, dinner. At about 21, shower. That 21 is usually 22 or 23, but with a good routine, I hope to get that 21 to stay at 21. And that's the way to start... and end, a great day. A work day mind you. Weekends are a whole other story. Now, time to sell some stuff and book an appointment with some hopefully very talented dentist.

How Secure is

How Secure Is My Password?

I stumbled upon an interesting site today. It lets you type in a password, which it then evaluates, and if it's not secure they can even provide you with a new one. I would love to type in one of my passwords and find out, but the question is, can I really trust What if they harvest all passwords people type in? What if the whole service is in fact a front for the US government? What if? So I tried a few passwords that I don't use. First one: pass.

Not Long To Crack

Ok, so that was obvious, how about 457gDSFh (randomly typed just now)?

10 Days To Crack!

No symbol? Alright, same thing with a symbol then...

12 Years To Crack!

Wow! Really? Does an added ! add the much difficulty? I'm wondering how factual this service really is, and the previous password didn't have a single word in it either. Interesting service though. If you feel like checking it out: the URL is in the title. ;)

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