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10th Week & Monday

So... I'm going through my blog. Primarily I've been reading a book this morning, and then watching a lecture later on in the afternoon, and somewhere between those two partially interesting acts of action I've been eating an artistically manufactured burger and taking a walk under cold spring sunshine. Dinner is closing in, I can smell. I'm savoring the scent with nostrils widely flared.

While browsing through the posts here on the blog I found this post, and it put me in a great mood. I don't read most of the things I'm going through right now, no time for that, except if there's an apparent abundance of unfixed typos or huuuge blocks of text, but this one post I couldn't resist skimming through. I should make a post toplist or something, cause amidst the daily everyday there really is some entertainment going on. Also been thinking on throwing together a book based on blog content, but I guess it's way too early for that. I haven't even had this blog for 10 years yet, can't get ahead of myself all the time. :)

The big topics of life during the week passed were a possible visit to the dentist (I've temporarily shoved that hostile thought out of my mind), Pokemon HeartGold (I'm now up at 200 caught, still a long way to go), Snotr (It's a video site that actually has good videos, OMG) and eh... that's about it. Of course I've been studying like a madman and I took a couple of daily vacations Wednesday & Friday, and I had a blasting headache yesterday (so I took two long walks as the rebel I am) but that's about it (and what's up with all these parenthesis? Are they getting annoying yet?). Today is ending, I bid you farewell. If there is time, there will be posting. Later.

Can't Chill With A Pill

My sister brought home some healthy stuff. One of the healthy things being a bunch of small portion packages with two pills each, and the cover reading: "Fruits & Fibers". Well that sounds healthy, I thought to myself, so I took a portion package and popped a couple. Then I flipped the package over.

Turns out you're supposed to consume these pills just before bed, and with a LARGE glass of water. Highlighted. Also, you're supposed to only take one, two if you really need it, and never exceed the recommended dosage. Obviously I've feeling some of the side-effects. I wasn't constipated to begin either. So that was stupid.

Moral of the story: read instructions.

Fairy Tail 74

Obedient Lucy

At Fairy Tail the subject is obedience. Lucy does an obedient pose. Moving on...


Fairy Tail 73

Something Like A Dragon

Flower Appreciation day is nearing, and Lucy is getting hyped! Then they all go on an icy mission and she catches a cold just in time for the grand event.


Fairy Tail 72

Dragon Rider Nearing

Dragon Rider nears the city. Gray has revealed his reasons and Makarov reveals his plan. What plan? Only Gray knows. He goes to tell Erza, but it looks she already figured it out. Have you?


Fairy Tail 71

Natsu Within A Lacrima

Natsu is still trapped within the Lacrima, and Dragon Rider is nearing Magnolia! Elfman & Co appear outta nowhere and knock down Gray. They're taking him the master. In the city Fairy Tail is letting people take shelter in their guild and getting ready for Battle. Erza and a few others are fighting Daphne's lizard men. Can they stop the dragon?


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