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Fairy Tail 70

An Angry Gray

Of course he's not fake. He's a 100% genuine original copy of Gray Fullbuster! Daphne reveals. Has Gray really gone evil? Natsu is getting fired up!


Fairy Tail 69


The episode starts with a conversation between Urtear and Master Hades. They're still after the key to Zeref's seal, but it seems like something else is going down that may be relevant to their plans. Moving on, Natsu & Co are on a ship, headed back to Fairy Tail.


Well Spent Friday

I took a morning walk around ten after sunbathing in my bed, music blasting, home alone. It was one of those moments when it feels like there's not a worry in the world. Took the walk with David and if the wind hadn't been icing like on a cake it would have opened up to some serious suntanning opportunities. The wind did howl, but at least I burned my face during the 9km venture.

I spent most of the day playing Ostindiska Kompaniet, a board game in which you travel around the world by ship, trading and selling goods such as steel, copper, tea, spices, textiles, etc. It takes place in 1921, and it was damn entertaining. Damn time-consuming too, played till about an hour back and nobody won. But anyway, it's been a great day. The ice on the ground refuses to melt away. But hey, no sorrow, at least there's tomorrow.

The March

What? Oh, just a walk. The real news is a shift of months.

Leap Day Yesterday

Yesterday was the leap day of the year; a special occasion. Though it's not really a day worth celebrating it felt invigorating to know that I was bestowed 24 extra hours this year, a full day; this day specifically. Hours that you only get every 4th year. Hours that should be spent well and fully savored without the burden of work and monotony. So I took a walk.

I walked from Märsta to Arlanda with my cousin David under a blazing sun, surrounded by melting snow and spacious landscapes. We ate at Sky City and traveled back by bus, finalizing the experience with some digital mini-golf and astounding amounts of tortillas. Twas a good day. A small vacation that felt somehow excluded from the regular flow of chores and routine. Looking forward to the next occasion, in another four years time, February 29 2016. :)

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