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Sleepless Nights

They will be if this continues. What continues, you ask? Something about yesterday? Nah, this time it's a new disaster. I had the day planned, but things don't always turned out as you would like them to.

At first I thought it was the coffee that kept me awake, or the mounds of great food I had eaten, or the revelation that we had a break in. Then I realized this urge I had to take a piss every fifteen minutes or so was keeping me awake; soon it became constant. Morning came and I don't think I slept anything, I've been sneaking back and fourth between my room and the bathroom all night, and things got worse at sunrise. Now they're better, but sickness is like an ocean, the effects go in waves. So what have I caught? You figure it out. It's not pleasant. But right now things can only get better, right? Hope so.

At least 21 Jump Street was f***ing amazing. :)

The Break In

The fridge was fixed this morning, so that's one shoulder burden less. I've spent the day away playing games with a buddy and walking in bright sunshine. Back home the next disaster strikes, we get a phone call that someone has broken into our summer place. Did they take anything? Did they break anything? Most importantly, did they leave anything untaken or not broken? We can't find out, we're far away. We get depressed. We search for our insurance papers. We're about to call the police. Wonder what's next?

Think positive. At least we're ok. I'll keep you posted.

Refrigerator Down

We have something in common, my refrigerator and I. It just broke, and I'm broke. The lights still work, but the cold doesn't. Good thing it was the fridge and not the freezer, so we can still cool down the fridge by means of ice packets from the freezer, but it's still a shame. First alternative, fix it. If first alternative fails, have someone else fix it. If second alternative fails, buy a new one that looks just like the first even though it seems like a crap model (just bought it a few years back), because it would look strange if the fridge and freezer duo didn't look alike.

Also, just watched 21 Jump Street at the cinema yesterday with David. Twas better than expected! Real crazy! Action comedy with a party mode! Review later on! Later.

Star Day 2012

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving an 8th year!

The Teeth Belief

My teeth. They scare me shitless. Recently the though that I might need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out has been growing in my mind. I'm thinking maybe it would be enough just pulling out one upper tooth and one lower tooth, but will the remaining teeth align themselves properly after that? It seems to me like the wisdom teeth are pushing all the other teeth forward evenly on both sides. The big question is, will everything be OK if I do get them pulled out? Will my teeth start moving back and fall in place once again or will they stay in the same spots they've been pushed into? Furthermore, will they keep pushing forward or have they gone as far forward as they are going to go?

While I'm writing this I feel a tenseness in my jaw. Does it have something to do with my wisdom teeth? When I chew I realize some teeth on the lower right side of my mouth don't align properly with the teeth lined above, so I actually move my jaw a little to the right to chew properly on the right side. On the left side everything seems ok. Up front there's a bulge behind the lower front teeth, at the middle, is there any chance the jaw bone will break? On the right side it seems the teeth are bulging outward a bit and since my upper front teeth are a little in front of my lower teeth, the lower teeth at the bulge appear to be touching the base of the top front teeth. Touching as in pressuring. Am I moving my jaw forward more than I have before and imagining it's the lower front teeth that have moved further forward, or are the lower front teeth in fact moving forward and both ruining my bite and creating a tension in my jaw?

On the upper half of my jaw the teeth beside the two teeth in the center have moved in slightly behind these two center teeth. Are they pushing the two center teeth even further ahead? Will they move even further behind the two center teeth? Are they causing an instability in my upper front teeth? Is there any risk my upper front teeth in the center eventually loosen and fall out if I don't do anything about it? They already feel a little lose if I chew something with them and hold a finger to the teeth at the same time. Every once in a while they start clicking when I touch them, but they haven't done this for a while now. My corner (canine) teeth feel strangely vulnerable too. Am I just imagining this or is there real trouble? The dentist I recently visited didn't see any trouble.

I don't feel pain. When I look in the mirror it feels like my trouble is all imagined, but it feels much more than it looks. If I look in the mirror, everything looks OK. The front teeth aren't poking out more than they used to, the teeth beside them are slanting in a little but that's all. The lower teeth look a bit uneven but it's not like they're twisted. Is one of my molars twisting a bit to the side or has it always been like that? The more I think about the matter, the more I think that maybe I need to pull my wisdom teeth out, but the thought of pulling out my wisdom teeth is not a pleasant thought at all. I guess I've been reading too much about the process. I've been reading about how bone fragments from the upper jaw can dislodge with the tooth and open up a hole connecting the nose with the mouth, or how the nerve can be damaged when removing a tooth in the lower jaw leading to irreversible numbness in certain areas of the face, or how the dentist can pull out a few extra teeth claiming they were in the way, or some other scary stories I've been reading up on.

The process seems to be very different for different people. One had all four teeth removed in 20 minutes, another had just one tooth take almost 2 hours to remove. Maybe it's the dentist? The first story was from the US, the second from Sweden. I live in Sweden. If I get my tooth removed it will be in Sweden. I don't even have a good dentist yet. I'm scheduled to fix a couple of cavities with one I've never been to before. The one I went to last month didn't build up any call of confidence. The one I went to a few years ago probably kept me from visiting the dentist at all the past 4 years. I remember fixing a cavity with another dentist a few years before that and the anesthesia didn't take. It wasn't very pleasant.

A buddy of mine has all four wisdom teeth intact, without complications. Another buddy of mine has removed all of them, and an additional two teeth in front of them just to get some extra space. A cousin of mine recently had two cavities filled without anesthesia and didn't feel anything at all. I remember feeling a lot. My mother has never had a toothache, though she certainly has had some problems with her teeth. How about me? I don't have an ache, but that doesn't mean I don't have huge dental problems I don't know about. The more I think about this shit, the tenser I get. Two of the cavities I need to fix are on my lower wisdom teeth. Would it be better to just pull them out? Everybody has a different opinion. Wish there was a simple answer.

Iron Sky Premiere

Iron Sky Poster (Cut)

I went to watch Iron Sky today with buddy Bear. It's the debut day for the movie here in Sweden and he had two free tickets. :) Iron Sky is a Finnish movie featuring a disoriented female Nazi, the fourth Reich, a female president and a black main character who turns white against his will. What else does it have? Action, spaceships, explosions, a real doomsday device, a nice twist at the very end (retrospective spoiler alert) and eh... that's about it.

The movie is a mess in many aspects (soundtrack for one, some events-with-huge-chaos-potential just sliding by for another), but it was also a strangely refreshing view. It's no Hollywood movie, and it shows. Not in low quality filmography or bad acting, but rather in how unexpected things can happen, how the hero isn't a stereotype, how the sceneries and effects are creative and experimental, how the... well that's about it, but that's more than enough. Since it's Finnish, I was expecting something with a lower budget, but this was all but low budget. It was a good movie. I'll give it a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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