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I'm Still North

Yupp. In Kalix for the day. The rain refuses to give in. Midsummer celebration is upcoming. A trip to Kangos is being planned. The fields are almost finished fragmenting. Fast and Furious 6 release data released. It'll be next year. Looking forward to it, but not as much as Jackie Chan's next movie coming out sometime this summer. I'll see you later.

I'm North

So I'm yet again sitting at a public library computer scribbling in a message for my visit. It's been a bit over a week since the last posting. During this time I've been digging, paddling a bit, moving boats from land to liquid, providing placements for refreshingly edible plants, moving strawberries into new neaterly aligned rows and pounding down a fence that's been twisted by a winter in the wild. It's a fence for rabbits btw, to keep them away from our food.

The pressure from snow broke two windows on our greenhouse roof; twisted the metal frame. Tiny fragments of glass can still be found occasionally and it's safest not to walk around barefoot on the sand-covered floor. Why did we chose sand btw? In retrospect some other material that doesn't look so much like glass would have been wiser, like a flat bed of concrete. Not that it would have been nice otherwise, but still, all inconvenience considered it would have been better. Also wiser would have been using a better version of glass for the windows, one that breaks down into edgeless fragments instead of sharp pieces. Or plastic. Or how about reinforced steel. I'm sure that would hold.

I took my first swim a couple of days ago, the 15th. It was icy, yet not as icy as I had expected; refreshing. From now on I'll be swimming daily, 'cept when the rain transcends from the skies in a constant torment and the clouds layer like a gray blanket of dust above the lush green landscapes. I'm writing a lot as well, offline, estimatedly I'll have filled a notepad by the end of the week. If I don't get stuck in the comics of which I just recently bought a bagfull. 5KR for a while bag, less than 0.2KR per comic. It can't get cheaper. :) Also. I'm driving again. Haven't driven since last summer, feels refreshing! Maybe I should get a job that requires a content nearness to a steering wheel? Otherwise, not much to write about. I'll be back in a week or two.

Have a great summer! :)

Happy Summer!

No updates till September, apart from the occasional blog.
Have a good one!

It's Summer Time

So I'm going North, as always. I didn't have time to add all the things I wanted to the site before vacation, just had time enough to publish a few drafts. Time flew away and I'm flying today. I'll sort things out when I get back though, in September. :) Have a good summer!

15 Mini Reviews #2

I decided to review some sequels. So expect sequels. :P

Afro Samurai - Resurrection (2009)

The second part of Afro Samurai fails to beat the original. In difference from the first, it's in movie format and not multiple episodes. The animation is still insanely detailed. The music is still made by the RZA. Overall it's a great anime, but it just doesn't beat the original. We already know Afro's story. The enemies are both new and old, the plot differs but there's really not much to see. If you stil haven't had enough of Afro Samurai I guess it's a must see anyway... though.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


Air Gear - Break On The Sky (2010)

Air Gear was a good anime, but it always felt like it had more potential than what they turned it into. The animation didn't always capture the flow, the movements were not as realistic as they could have been and the series didn't maintain a steady rhythm. sometimes I felt cheated, but overall it was good. In similar to the anime above this is also a sequel in movie format, so no episodes. It's also more detailed, and it goes faster than the anime does, but they still haven't managed to improve enough to keep up with the potential for the plot. Still worth watching if you liked the series, but it could have been oh so much better!


Toriko (2011)

Toriko (2011)

Toriko is all about food. When I started watching it, it reminded me a bit of Yakitate Japan! and some other series about something edible that I can't really recall right now... but though it's reminiscent of series I've watched in the past it's still completely different. Mainly because Toriko is crazy-strong, and he's already crazy strong in the first episode. Luffy (from One Piece) and Toriko do share a few characteristics, and their being crazy-strong is one of them, so it's not strange that the first episode of Toriko was a mashup between the two series, featuring the whole Strawhat Crew and Toriko + Komatsu all together in an adventure on some mysterious/dangerous but also very delicious island. Something that could fit in both worlds. It was a surprisingly wellmade mashup as well, the characters actually go along well together, though no serious is cut out for two main characters with the strong main-character-personality that both Toriko and Luffy air.


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