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To Know Note Poepic Post

I woke up late, I spoke of fate in broken dreams, unspoken weight. But I don't wait, I jump from bed, land in my socks and run ahead. I'm up at dawn, let out a yawn, the breakfast is my marathon. I mow the lawn, I chop down trees, I yank up fish and surf the seas. I took the car, to near by far, in Överkalix where we are. Sit down for change, upon a chair, big wide screen upon I stare. Check my email, other sites, everything does seem alright. Then I log in to post a post. Here it goes. The air is so. Fresh. I'll see you later.

Just Checking In

To say nothing. Cause no time I have. But days are great. See you later!

Happy 23

Happy 23!

Happy Birthday Me. :)

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