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October Tomorrow

I looked out the window and a month just flew by.

Firefox To Chrome

Firefox --> Chrome

Yesterday I decided to switch from Mozilla Firefox to Google Chrome. I've been using FireFox for a long time now, at least 7-8 years. Before that it was IE, and before that it was Netscape. I've tried a bunch of others but none stuck. The ladder of browsers through the years goes from good to better all the way. I tried Chrome earlier, when it first came out, but back then I preferred Firefox and didn't change, but Firefox has changed. It's no longer the perfect browser. Currently, on my OS (Win 7, 64-Bit) it has two major defects:

  1. High memory usage. Firefox starts below 100MB, but the longer it's used, the more memory it requires. Within an hour it's up at 200MB, even with all extensions disabled and only a couple of insignificant plugins. Sometimes the memory usage gets so high it stops responding and I have to shut it down. I've started doing this out of habit to 'reset' memory usage every now and then.
  2. Tab issues. Sometimes when many tabs are opened at the same time, the browser freezes for a second or slows down considerably. When closing tabs, the closed tab can stay blank and open for a second or two before disappearing. Closing multiple tabs takes time.

These are both minor deficiencies, but they were enough to make me remember Chrome and wonder if it's any better. I looked around for other browsers with lower memory usage, but settled for Chrome anyway. It has better support for other functions I need. Chrome installed quickly and so far I've had no problems with tabs or memory. The memory it takes is about the same as Firefox, upon starting, but it doesn't ever seem to slow down or freeze - it's always quick to respond. The memory usage doesn't increase as quickly as it does for FireFox either. Where FireFox reaches 200MB within an hour, it takes a day for Chrome. It also has a much cleaner interface. I realized immediately that Chrome has changed a lot in terms of appearance since I last tried it and it feels like a compromise between the FireFox interface and their own. They've changed the overall hue of the browser from white to gray, as FireFox, and the icons also really resemble the other browser.. Their only real trademark is the special blue bar at the top of the window. Overall it looks really smooth and minimalistic. A few things are missing from the work space (that exist in FireFox) by default, that I realize I don't actually need, such as:

  • A menu bar. In FireFox it's an entire row, with a lot of dropdown menus. In Chrome it's just one button - one dropdown.
  • The home button. Just open a new tab.
  • The title bar at the top of the browser. Titles are displayed in tabs anyway, so why view them twice?
  • A separate search box. The address field is all you need.


Maldita Castilla Demo

Another great game by Loco Malito! So far it's just a demo, though, but it's plenty playable already. Maybe time to make a video walkthrough of 8-Bit Killer btw...

Chat With CyborD

Chatting with a bot I made. :) It's working!

Private Joe

This reminds me of something... cool game.

Mario Riders 2

Not really Mario Cart caliber, but still fun. It gets a bit annoying though. I didn't bother completing the game.

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