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Pacman Classic

Pacman Map, Man!


Back On Tour!

Another Cutscene

Stuck In A Cutscene

Back On Track!

Some Pacman game I've played...

In Christmas Spirit!

This game was addicting! I beat it 100%, cept for the endless mode... that's kind of impossible, and a bit monotone, though it's the one big challenge in the game. Btw, I don't remember what this game was called; unfortunately the title wasn't captured in any of the screencaps. Bad game design? :P More like bad screenshot technician... here's some with focus on score and gameplay and complete lack of game identity.

Christmas Is Saved!


Tracking The Mania



As you can see I'm a great driver.

Toriko Wallpaper

Nah, not really, but don't they look like it? They're a couple of screencaps taken from some random episode... with unregularly great ending art. The tears of the beast below give great Cola, if you're wondering, by the way, just saying...



Some GameMaker Games

Uber Nice :)

Interesting Physics

Zombie House

Purple Stuff

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Fixing Firefox Plugins

Fixing Firefox Plugins

I should probably check more often...

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