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What About SVG?

What about it? And more importantly, what is it?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It's an open standard developed by W3C to compete with Adobe's vector format, not to mention the vector capabilities of Flash & Silverlight, though Silverlight is in itself a competitor (Flash being the old and formerly innovative browser expansion). Back in the day, Flash was the only way to include all forms of media in a common media form. Audio, video, animation, games, whatever - everything could be embedded through flash, and at the same time, too.

While vector graphics are not the primary trait of Flash, it's an interesting capability and it earlier it has only been available on web-pages through Flash. To scale images without losing quality is a feature with a lot of potential; the only truly lossless image manipulation method on the web. Yet SVG is a new player on the market. Chrome is the only browser that fully supported SVG since the start. Firefox came soon after (or earlier actually, since it's much older than Chrome and has supoorted SVG since the second release), and now all major browsers support it, even the mobile ones.

Still SVG is not a widely used format at all. Why not? It promises a smaller filesize on formats such as GIF and PNG. It works directly through the page, and doesn't require an http request such as images do. It's an open standard, too, not locked like both Flash & Silverlight are. If you look around for demos you'll see that there's a lot of potential, and not only for vector-based images but also for animation and 3D effects. Look around! There are plenty of tools to work with creating SVGs; hopefully I'll have time to learn how to use them soon! It's time everybody learns what SVG is... or forgets in quickly in favor of even better technology.

Snowing Like Hell

Is that a paradox? Well now it's raining, but it has been snowing, and very much so. I woke up yesterday to a bowl of steamy rice pudding and intense snowfall. I shaved a couple of decimeters off our walkway before breakfast, took a walk with my sister right after; she looked at a new layer of snow on the path and marveled at how much it must have snowed during the night. The rest of the walk was intense as we ascended to unplowed trails and sidewalks. So yeah, it's been snowing!

For anyone trying to make their way somewhere yesterday it must have been chaos, but for anyone not trying to get anywhere it's been a lot of fun. :) The fall calmed down eventually and today the rain is washing the snow away. Fortunately it's too much to wash away in a day, but it's a shame anyway by the way I do say if I may. At least we had a white Christmas, unlike last year. It's been snowy all December, so far!

Christmas? It's not over, according to calender, but the main days have passed. They were a short but entertaining and intense session of present opening and eating. Each member of the family (cept David, who lives far far away, but he did contribute a few) packed in at least 10-20 presents. Me and my sister topped the ranking with around 20-30 a piece. No big things, a lot of snacks, interesting delicacies and tiny items, some reading, some clothing. Some big things. :D

I ordered a bunch of cool stuff from Hong Kong (straight from the factories, through a public reseller) about a month ago, and they arrived just in time! No last minute shopping for me, whoopee! A bit last-minute worrying that the shipment wasn't going to make it on time though, but considering the price I'd say it's a tolerable side-effect, and the shipping was free. :)

Otherwise food's been good and mom's been baking, and with tomorrows batch of branded morning cookies the traditional ten types will finally be manufactured for the season, and probably the ginger bread will last us all the way till Easter, as always. We brought in a tree the day before Christmas, I decorated, read 5 chapters of webdesign basics and cleaned my room for the first time in months. I'm knee-deep in studies today, too. The plan is that if I get it done before the new year then I can meet it with brand new expectations! And also, at least ten days of holiday before the next semester kicks off, if I get in to the courses I've applied to... that is. I was late, so I'll have to wait for a place, leave it to fate to arrange. Procrastinate? No way, not today, today I'll be strange. :)

A Very Merry Continued Christmas to all you peoples lurking the interweb this fine day! If you haven't done so, and if you're interested in design/code, check out the code category I put up. I'll be jotting down thoughts and questions (maybe even answers) and other stuff as I study the topic, and maybe even after I'm done with the course: relearning the basics. See you before the new year I hope.

CSS Replacement For 'start' Attribute

With XHTML the start attribute on ordered lists has been deprecated. Now there's no way to define on which value an order list should begin. The alternative? There is none! W3C probably realized their error as well, since it has been reinstated in HTML5. I suppose it's time to take the step from XHTML back to HTML soon again...

Styling <hr> With CSS

Check this for a great guide on how to style the <hr> tag. Creating borders is possible through CSS, but if you want to retain support for old browsers while at the same time styling for the new, it seemed to me like the <hr> tag was the way to go. Only problem is that it looks quite dull, but in old browsers, everything looks dull!

With CSS there are plenty of ways to style it, though. I was wondering if it was possible since I haven't read anything on the topic earlier, but apparently it is, and apparently the idea that it's an element worth continued use is not mine alone. I'm tempted to copy over some of the styling techniques, but it's bet you simply check the guide!

NG Just Got A Lot Like YT

NG just added a new feature to their site: playlists. Prior to NG, YT is the only website I've frequented with this feature, and it's a really nice feature. As far as I know no other flash portals or other entertainment portals have yet incorporated a playlist feature, and it's really a neat addition. On NG it works much like it does on YT, with the difference that you cannot add descriptions for playlist elements. Since NG works with different forms of media (unlike YT where all is FLV) it is applicable to all media types, be it audio, art, games or movies. The games and movies are no longer only flash, but also HTML5 and MP4, so there's really support for many different formats within the playlist feature. I threw together one for all my audio favorites right away, and it works easily! Tracks are added at the click of two buttons, and resorted directly on the playlist page. Wonder if other sites will be following their lead? It's innovation like this that I love about NG. And with those new drop-down menus they really need some innovative feature introductions to balance out that navigational downgrade...

Frameset XHTML Strict Or Transitional?

So I was reading about the different types of XHTML. There's Strict, Transitional and Frameset. Strict is strict, no deprecated tags, formatted perfection, only good code. Transitional blends the best of HTML with the neatness and newness of XHTML. Frameset is just frames.

My first thought was, is Frameset XHTML Strict or Transitional? Looking at the code, it seems to be strict. There aren't many elements to work with, but it seems they must be in order for it to work properly. But with frame elements, wouldn't the same thing apply to any page? Maybe Frameset can't be perceived as either one or the other, maybe strict or transitional doesn't apply,

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