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100 Movie Reviews

100 Movie Reviews

Aint that something? Hell yeah it's something! :) This post here is a piece of digital cake. Don't mind me, I'm just eating my digital cake right here. Move along now. ;)

Taxi (1998)

Taxi (1998)

Before Luc Besson went to Hollywood and gave us the Transporter movies with Jason Statham he made a series of movies about taxi driver Daniel and a cop called Emilian. Daniel hates cops, Emillian is a cop. Daniel is a great driver, Emilian is an incredibly bad driver. They meet by coincidence (when Emilian is trying and failing miserable to get a drivers licence) and become good buddies despite their differences. Well, actually, they don't know about their differences at the beginning. Apart from these two main characters there are also their girlfriends and the inspector Gilbert along with the rest of the incompetent police force in their village (oh btw, story takes place in France, in French, I watched it with English subs) and a gang of German criminals robbing banks. Furthermore there's a bunch of stereotypical characters with various occupations and nationalities, a lot of dumb jokes, a lot of comedy, a lot of driving, drama & some crazy stunts along the way. (more…)

Uninstalling Windows 98

Maybe you read my post a few hours ago about installing Windows 98, an OS I've used plenty in the past, but never actually installed myself. I haven't actually installed very many OS's at all, XP & 7 have so far been the only ones I've installed regularly, and of which the installs have been successful. As it turns out Win 98 wasn't a very easy OS to install.

The procedure took a couple of hours and when all was finally done things still were not working right. For starters, the system didn't support more than 16 colors. To get more I'd have to install better (or rather, the proper) drives. After some searching I managed to find drivers that seemed to suit my computer perfectly. I downloaded them through my stationary computer and was about to put them on a floppy when I realized something. The floppy (1.44MB) didn't have enough space for a single one of the drivers I was about to install! At this point I could have burned a CD with the drivers, but fate has it I'm running low on CDs right now and it felt like a waste to use one of them for just 20-30MB worth of drivers that might not even work. I stashed the files on a USB drive instead and plugged it into my Armada.

Turns out Windows 98 doesn't have built-in drivers to handle USB 'Mass Storage Devices' as it calls them, so it tried to search for a driver that worked. It didn't find one. I searched for a driver that worked manually, but it didn't exist. I then downloaded the driver for USB 'Mass Storage Devices' on the stationary computer. It was only around 700KB large fortunately, so I stuffed it on a Floppy and stuffed the floppy in my Armada. The Floppy wasn't recognized at all.

I'm not sure if I should blame it on a faulty floppy, Windows 7 formatting the floppy in the wrong format, or Windows 98 just being a pile of crap, but whatever it was, I decided not to use Windows 98 after all. It's a shame, since I have a bunch of games I'd love to play that don't work on newer systems... probably mentioned that already.

So what next? I booted up Killdisc again and wiped the drive clean while searching for some better alternative. I don't know much about Linux, but apart from old Operating Systems and Internet-based ones (and I don't plan to use Internet at all on this antique computer) like Google Chrome, there isn't much else to chose from. Linux builds tend to be complicated. I'm not used to typing in commands or anything like that, so after looking around for a Linux I could probably have some fun with without complication, one with a GUI, I settled for the OS I had picked initially, Slax. Turns out there was a module to simplify installing the OS, so, module added to my previously saved (lucky) build, I downloaded it, burned it, and booted my now completely clean Armada once more to install it.

Error. Disc not recognized.

The Slax CD I burned earlier during the day had worked fine with a wiped drive to boot. This one didn't. After much trial and error and utter failure I gave up on the disc (it worked fine on the other computer btw) and tried the old CD that couldn't be installed. Didn't work. I tried Killdisc and that worked fine. Thought about installing Windows 98 again but that doesn't seem like such a wise choice. My sister has an old laptop with Windows 2000, so I suppose it's time to give that one a try. As I type this a new partition is already halfway formatted and the installation on its way.

I'll keep you posted.

Installing Windows 98

For a long time now I've had an old laptop lying around unused.

It used to have Windows XP on it, until I went and installed a couple of Linux systems on separate partitions of the main drive (by mistake) instead of replacing the current installation. The system started getting incredibly slow and rich in errors and ultimately I could no longer boot up any one of the operating systems I had installed, so I stashed the laptop away and there it has been, stashed away, until now.

The old laptop I'm speaking about is a metallic Compaq Armada M300, a little seemingly very robust gadget that's surprisingly energetic for its age. It used to function as an office computer for my dad, until the company gave him a newer model, and it fell into my hands when the old Macintosh (system 7, now 15 years old) I had been using suddenly became very outdated very fast. With this new portable machine I could browse the net, play resource-heavy (at this time) 3D FPS games, driving games, play music & do all sorts of entertaining things. Eventually a stationary computer was bought and this old spectacle found peace in a dusty closet. Until that time when I picked it up again and decided to try out Linux on it. Big mistake.

Apparently I reinstalled Windows XP on it, successfully, some time after that, because when I booted it up today, that's the OS it was running. It was, however, not the OS I wanted, so I burned Killdisc (free program that lets you purge all data from a computer of choice) to a CD and got rid of everything to make way for a clean install. I think there were still some remnants from the different Linux variations I had installed earlier since the drive was, before it was purged, divided up into a myriad of strange partitions. Killdisc cleaned up the mess quickly.

I rebooted with a brand new copy of Slax, a free resource-light linux system of which you can handpick components or modules as they call them (games, programs, programming languages, etc) before creating an img file out of everything, downloading it, burning it and installing it. Only problem was, it didn't install, it turns out the OS could run straight from the CD (which it did very well I should add). I went online to search for installation instructions, but for a lazy... err, crazily efficient individual like me they were way to complicated and time-consuming so I dismissed the project.

Instead I chose to install Windows 98. Reason being: there are quite a few old games I'd love to play that neither Windows XP or Windows 7 support. In fact, Windows 7 supports pretty much everything Windows XP did, so I chose to install something older. I have a Windows 95 floppy lying around, but that felt a bit overkill in the retroretro scale... I've never even used Windows 95. Unless I stumble upon another cheap computer I can install it on just to try it out, I probably never will either.

Windows 98 installed nicely, seemingly without problems. The procedure took a long time (about 2 hours), and as I was typing this the estimated time remaining was 21 minutes, with the file copy procedure already up at 99%. Turns out there were only a few seconds remaining though, because now it's all done! Oh wait, turns out I have to manually install a CD driver before installing all other drivers, as not doing so would lead to me not being able to access the installation disc after installation. I think I suddenly realized why people prefer newer Windows versions over the older ones. I'll persevere though, and tell you all about how everything goes when everything has gone.. hopefully well. :)



Yeah, busy day. Workflow paced by Yelawolf offsite, smooth rhymes and riffs right, sorting files monotonly in rich light, bet I'll be snoring high this night. Storm tomorrow, bet the wind will rip kites. Later.

Copter Insania 2

Yupp, that game is still crazily addicting after all.

Copter Insania 2, Attempt No 1

Copter Insania 2, Attempt No 2

Copter Insania 2, Attempt No 3


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