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Lockout (2012)

Lockout (2012)

This movie takes place in 2079. It features a bunch of not-so-well-known actors that all do a great job. It's directed by Luc Besson (one of my favorites). It's about a prison floating in orbit around Earth, the president's daughter, a prison break, two crazy brothers and a lone hero: a young relic from a past that reminds us of the world of today. The digital effects suck, but apart from the highway chase which kind of ruined the atmosphere a bit, the movie is great. It has all the elements of genre a good movie needs, including dark 70& action. There are troublesome moments. There is an underlying plot that constantly grapples you. There are sacrifices and good guys gone bad and happy moments you thought would come in a flash.

It's an unpredictable action movie, in a good way. It doesn't always surprise; some things are predictable, but it keeps the suspense high all the way through and gives you a twist when it feels like you could use one. Overall it's much better than Luc Besson's last movie, that remake on Leon The Professional with a female lead (though of course he never said anything about it being a remake). This is good and... maybe not entirely new. A lot of the elements in the movie remind of past movies, a little Demolition Men (the stasis, frozen prisoner), a little Final Fantasy 7 (the motorcycles look alike, the chase seems inspired by it), a little from... well I don't recall the name but I've seen a few with the exactly same hostage drama taking place on different locations. But I suppose almost all movies fetch some inspiration from other movies, it's nothing new.

One notable thing in this one is the beginning scene, an interrogation with frequent flashbacks, and even more notably a heavy set of punchlines. Every time the main character says something you laugh or smile or smirk and honestly I've never heard so many well-devised phrases at the start of the movie before. If you don't want to see the rest of the movie, at least see the beginning. It's special.

The presidents daughter btw is an actress I've previously only seen playing less benevolent roles. I saw her first in Lost (the series) where she was a real bitch, deceiving, conceited, all bad female traits personified. Since then I've seen her occasionally in similar roles, so somehow I had her coupled with bad personalities. She fits them well by appearance somehow. Something about her small... dark... eyes and that twisted sadistic smile *shudder*, but apparently she fits well as a kinder personality too. I suppose she's just a good actor. It was interesting to view the change. Overall, this is a great movie. Maybe not the best action movie this year, but it's somewhere at the topping. I'll give it a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Online Contests Are SHIT

I must have participated in some online contest this year, because suddenly there's a flood of people calling me wanting to offer me something for a favor, and there's always a catch. Nothing on the net's for free... unfortunately, and it's not really worth it, though it might be if I won.

Cradle 2 The Grave (2003)

Cradle 2 The Grave (2003)

This movie gathers a lot of great people in one place. Not great actors per say, but people that I like. Martial artists, rappers, comedians. It's an action movie with all the explosions, chases, thievery, awkward or comical situations, drama, romance, hate, vengeance, fighting that you would expect. There's also something valuable that everybody wants to lay their hands on, and I've watched the scene where Jet Li 'falls' from balcony to balcony a few times trying to figure out how much of it is real and how much of it isn't. It looked so real I had to look it up; turns out I'm still no wiser. Google doesn't say.

Regardless if the stunts are real or not, this was a great movie. People say DMX can't act, and they are probably right. He's good at being mad but not much else, but I don't see it ruining the rest of the movie. In a way it defines his character, and at least he always looks very intent on whatever he does. I'm not saying so just cause I'm a DMX fan, cause actually.. I'm not. :) Otherwise, there's great coordination in the stunts (and a lot of stunts), a lot of fighting, so many other explosive elements combined it's arguable too much... but then again I like a movie where the action never stops. This is one of those.

This is the second time I watched the movie; first time I review, so the score is aftermathically a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Hum, A Piece Of A Poetry Piece

And then, I feel I want to rise to the skies like a fiend like a devil in the light of your eyes bright red. I deem the bright lights well fed so I shed deep shadow and I'm led by the thread of the battle. What then? And if you feel like I feel, like my inspirations ride on high heels then I feel that you feel the same way as me, what then, should I be or should I not be, but what could be a pot purie turns into writers block and I'm locked deep. Kneep deep in shot down dreams that are not free. What then.

Just some random writing from a random nighting...

Try To Be Like The Turtle...

Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell.

Heh, a new perspective on life!

Week 4 - The Long Walk

Mystery week passed fast. I mean fast. I mean I barely even remember what I did last week. I probably watched a few movies though because I just posted a ton of reviews that have been piling up, along with a few other posts that I had saved as drafts. There's the post flood, finally! Still have a bunch of drafts lying around but it's late and I have to... watch a movie. So those will have to wait.

About the mystery event last week, it's still floating around behind a fuzzy veil of nothingness. I mean I didn't do anything special. For the first time this year I failed with my mission of either doing something special one day in a week or doing something consistent every day in a week alternatingly every week. By the look of things, this week is going the same way. Btw, I just went back and updated the earlier two weekly posts with links back to the previous posts, like I have in this one. So at the end of the year, maybe you'll be able to backtrack through all 52 of them (if I get to posting all of them) by clicking the links in each one. Nifty eh? Though I'd be amazed if anyone really did backtrack through a whole year worth of weekly events...

So last week was a failed experiment. I have an excuse though: studies. The passed Sunday was the last day to hand in everything for the last semester, and I almost made it except for... one course. Ok so 1 course might be a big thing, but at least I cleared 75%, which grants me funds for this new semester. And this week is the start of the next semester. All the three courses I will be attending this year started on Monday, so I've been busy reading up on syllabuses and schedules and ordering books and stuff. I'm also back to reviewing at NG, and I'm still working on the 2013 design.

Not sure what the project will be for this week, if there will be one. Oh btw, turns out I do know, my buddy Bear is visiting this weekend and we'll be walking all the way from Bro > Kallhäll. That's about 15km. If we're not completely exhausted upon reaching Kallhäll we'll keep going > Viksjö. That's about 15km more. If I'm not completely exhausted when I get there, I'll walk back! So it's a one-day-event this week. I'll let you know how it goes in the post next week. :)

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