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Cold Light Of Day (2012)

Cold Light Of Day (2012)

This movie had pain. When the main character returns to the bay to find the boat missing, you can see his despair. The other people at the beach all go about their own business. The cops aren't much help. The American embassy only offers him legal council. When he meets his sister (he didn't even know he had one!) he is a pretty apathetic act, but that's not strange considering he's just been shot and her uncle was just found dead.

It's a gritty action movie, with a lot of chases, a little people getting beat up, and only some real action. The scene where the car flips over and they rotate the camera from the characters perspective to the perspective of someone standing outside the car (and that's not the only time they twist angles like that) almost makes me dizzy, it's like you're in for the ride. It's also one of those thrillers that seems professional from the start. All the actors are good actors, everything seems natural, humans are humans. Animals are... what am I even saying?

The plot? It has many flavors. There's the agency, there's family, there's corrupt agents, there's kidnappers, there's a plot that weaves from one thing to other and uncovers realities that are sometimes harsher than you like. But in the end, it leaves me feeling satisfied. Cause justice prevails? Cause.. Bruce Willis was in the movie? I'm not sure, but it was a good movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

FB - Fighting Beat (2007)

FB - Fighting Beat (2007)

I watched this movie for Tim-Man, and I got Tim-Man, and not just one fight (I thought it was over after his first fight) but a couple, and the last one was pretty intense! He's just a side-character though, and though it seems to me like he's way more agile and experienced than even the main character is, there's plenty of good fighting! There's also a lot of arguing, a lot of talking and a lot of telling a tale about relations and friendship and a bar that some evil dudes want to take over and transform. That's what the final fight is all about. Oh, it's also about the main character avenging the death of his father. Kind of stereotypical plot, and no amazing actors either, and none of them are good at English either (though they do speak it, attempting to internationalize the movie... I guess). If you want to watch a few good fights, then give this one a shot, but the rest of the movie is nothing special. Not even the fights are overly dramatic, and I can't help but feel as if the soundtrack is more suited for a scary movie than for this (it's a-la Scream sound). Anyway, I'd give it a 3, but... nah. Time to switch to a 1-10 rating system maybe so I don't have to give such low scores when it's not that bad? Maybe later...

 rated 2/5: decent

Insufficiant Memory

You know what? For the first time since that summer after I received my first camera, 2005, my memory ran out! I was recording a video of myself (duh), with the LED screen facing the other way (so I couldn't see what was on it) and then when I turned it around it was just black. I press a key and an Insufficiant Memory message pops up. What the hell? Now, I don't have a gigantic memory card, in fact it's just 8GB, but so far 8GB has been more than enough. 8GB was more than I thought I would ever need. At least this decade. Looks like I may need to look about for some SD card upgrades... or just keep track of how much stuff I have stored on the camera. This is INSANE. Pointless rant </end>

Color Scrollbars With CSS

IE implemented special styles of their own to allow users to color scrollbars, but not everyone uses IE. What about other browsers? Turns out: no, it's not possible. For one it's against W3C regulation, for two... it's just not supported by any other browsers.

Q: could you add scrollbar-* properties?

Do you add Scrollbar Property like in MSIE scrollbar-*-color (for example: scrollbar-shadow-color: #DEE3E7; or scrollbar-face-color: #DEE3E7; ). I think it should be added because scrollbars are like cursor. There are a lot of scrollbars in forms and in other block with overflow: scroll

A: Though it may make sense to design a styling mechanism to control the presentation of scrollbars, the MSIE scrollbar-*-color properties make too many assumptions about a particular scrollbar appearance design.

The working group considered adding the scrollbar-*-color properties and rejected them quite some time ago.

For CSS3 Basic UI, it is too late to add such a significant new feature. It could be considered for a future version.


So, there you have it. No scrollbar color in a foreseeable future...

Line Break In Title Attribute

The title attribute in HTML. The one that appears as a hover over effect on images and links. Is there a way to break that caption into multiple lines? I looked and around and found a solution. Check this out.

Hover Here

Here's the code for it:

<div title="I just&# 13;broke the line!">Hover Here</div>

Remove spaces between &# and 13;.That's all. :)

Differences In JS & CSS File Inclusion

Recently I made a startling discovery. I discovered that the inclusion methods for JS and CSS in a regular HTML document are not as alike as they may seem. So I'm posting a post to let the world take part in my recent revelation. It's best shown with an example, so here goes.

Say I have a site with a file structure like this:


In one stylesheet, located on /root/files/css/style.css I include an image file with the following URL: url(../img/prev.png)

However, in a JS file, located on /root/files/js/script.js I have to include the same image file with the following URL: '../files/img/prev.png'

It took a while before I realized this, and realized why there's a difference. The reason is simply that JS is imported directly into the page where it is included, just like any other server-side scripting language (like PHP, ASP, ETC), so if I include the JS file on /sv/index.html, then that is where the code is executed, whereas the CSS file remains its own directory and styles the HTML page from a distance. When I include the CSS in /sv/index.html, the CSS is still located at /files/css/style.css.

Is this one of those 'aha' moments everybody has, or is it just me? Hopefully it's not just me; it might be worth knowing. Thus the post. Have a good day!

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