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Riddick (2013)

Riddick (2013)

Ah, Riddick, getting left for dead again, on some remote planet somewhere outside our solar system. Fighting foes, finding food, lighting a rescue beacon that calls on a ton of bounty hunters, that get involved in one big manhunt, that shows who's got heart and who hasn't, who's got spine, who's next in line, and who climbs the skies at the end of the day.

It's all the same thing, really, same thing as previous movies, but this time without any of the awesome civilized sights and sceneries. This time it's all wilderness. Plenty of action, a good plot, but much more waiting and much less moving around than the previous ones. I like how down to earth the movie is, but at the same time it's not as pompous as it used to be, not so much to see, it doesn't climb to the same heights of grandeur and awesomeness and this time there aren't that many humane critters involved in the fight.

It's not so much about gunfights and blades flying through the air as it is just a struggle for survival. I guess that's the way it's meant to be, though. Good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad

A Swedish Sunset

A Swedish Sunset

Source. If Sweden has sunsets like this... I need to get out more. O_o

Money Maker

Awesome. And NG just started supporting embeds! I'm going to be using a lot of these. :)

Week 49 - Ă–stersund & Back

Only three weeks left now! Time flies.

I spent the past weekend up North, visiting my brother in Ă–stersund for some early Christmas celebration and company. We visited an old friend, watched a Badminton tournament, sped on sleds down a slope, ate good food and walked around in a wintery world before returning to the dry yet all but deserted Stockholm.

I did have a pretty efficient start of the week too, and after that time just... flew.

That is all.

Kinda boring blog huh? Somehow I'm feeling less and less inclined to write these weekly summaries, with less and less to speak about... even though there's more and more going on, but I'll keep at it until the end of the year at least! December is something else.

Here's last week.

Crisis & Crysis

I've been locked out of NG.

I have no idea why, but whatever the reason it looks like this time it has nothing to do with my account getting backed (phew, that's a relief). So what is the reason behind it? I'm thinking it might have something to do with a failed credit card payment yesterday. They had a Mystery Box in store (a rare object containing all sorts of leftover goodies from the NG office) and of course I tried ordering it. To my dismay however, the payment failed, with no error message provided (it just returned me back to the 'fill-in-info' page)... but then I checked my balance and it appears there wasn't enough cash supplied to buy the box... least not with international shipping included. Which sucked, but there wasn't much I could do about it then.

That's one possibility.

The other is I've been posting comments in a chain-like fashion, and maybe not everyone appreciates such comments. If that's the case however, at least 10-20 other regular users should have had their accounts locked at the same time. I haven't checked, but that seems unlikely somehow... could it be that someone has tried to access my account multiple times, and it's therefore been locked? Maybe attempting to login after a certain amount of time will fix the issue... nooope, that's not working.

It's only been three hours since I sent an inquiry as to why my account has been locked, but I'm starting to get a bit desperate here. Makes me realize how reliant I am of this specific social community, just going a single day without going through my fair share of submissions feels like a huge loss... guess I could step down on my activity a bit. :) Ah well, my account is still there so there's no real apocalypse. Just a little crisis.

Speaking of which, I've been thinking of playing Crysis for quite some time, but time's never really allowed it. I guess I should make use of this time I've been given wisely, time to let out some anguish and rage in the game...

UPD: Turns out someone had gotten hold of my login credentials... somehow, and posted them in a news post. Fortunately staff were quick to assess the situation and lock my account, and now I've regained access, changed login info; everything is groovy! As for Crysis, it didn't work on my computer. But with the NG account accessible again there was no time for that.

Let There Be Snow!

And snow there is. :)

I missed spiffying up the site for winter last year, so here's something. On that note, it appears there'll be a storm sweeping into Stockholm tomorrow, same day we embark on our train ride North. Should be an adventure!

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