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Week 48 – Fast Week

Nah, I haven't been fasting. I've been feeding off life; enjoying all but a surplus of time. The potential surplus has been spent playing Max Payne 3, and then some Serious Sam 3, and as soon as I'm done posting this I'm going back to the latter to hopefully complete the final levels before the day reaches its end (a prime example of time optimism).

Tomorrow is the final day to send in a greeting card for this years NG Christmas Card Exchange, so that'll be consuming my early morning hours, along with an hour of work at a neighborly residence, with rehabilitation. Surprise! Looks like that University course in 'aging properly' may come in handy? :P

It's been a busy week even without the games though, not sure why because I have had no job (I have been searching a few), I haven't done any recording (I have been writing a few), I haven't made any Flash (well actually I just finished a compilation of old abandoned Flash for a collab, so there's something), and I haven't worked that much on my site either. Where is all this potential time running off to?!

Ah well, next week will be a pinnacle of efficiency. We're going to Östersund on Friday so it must be, so much to do before then. I spent this morning going through Christmas calenders, compiling a list for a .bat file I'll be running every morning until the 24th. Entering a vast amount of contests and giveaways is one way of making a living. :) Here's last week.

Gmails Hidden Limitations

Gmail's Hidden Limitations

Did you know, that if you for some reason use your Gmail account more than the almighty Google would like you to, they'll shut down your account? Well now you know, so if you haven't done so already, get yourself a backup account in case this happens!

I had this happen to me (for the first time) yesterday, after sending a rather large array of file attachments (around ten emails with close to 25MB each). Photos. As far as sharing photos goes, email is the best alternative for me, you get to keep a local copy as backup that you can send to other people, and the attachments are usually (depends on which provider you use) displayed in gallery form so they are easy to browse through. Oh, and it's sharing on a personal basis, which is the biggest benefit of all. I don't want my photos lounging around on social media sites. I don't take them to get attention.

Turns out though, that Gmail has a problem with excessive use of their attachment system. Be it a bug or an intentional scheme to keep people from using their service for only regular textual purpose, but they locked me out for well over four hours yesterday. I checked after an hour. Cleared my cache. Still locked out. I checked a couple of hours later. Still locked out. I checked shortly after midnight... finally, back in! :D

Then this morning I log on again and attempt to send that one email Gmail prohibited me from sending yesterday... and guess what, they've locked me out. It didn't take more than a few attachments this time before the remaining attachments failed, so that's that. That is what's making me change my main email provider for good. For the first time in... well maybe close to ten years.

I didn't like the new compose screen, but it was tolerable considering the rest of the service still worked well. Being locked out of your primary form of communication however, with no reason supplied, for an unspecified amount of time... on more than one occasion... without viable reason on that second occasion... that's where I draw the line. I'm not done with Gmail, but I can no longer rely on them for my everyday tasks. Problem is Yahoo! also has a pretty buggy file attachment system, and Hotmail deletes your account after just a few months of inactivity, and AIM doesn't have conversation view... any contestants?

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Shhh, don't mention it!

It's the final cut. :) Have you found it yet?

10 Years Of Trackmania!!!

10 Years Of Trackmania

Woo! Didn't know this grand series had been around for so long!

For any of you who still hasn't played this hybrid racing/platformer, now's the time. All games on Steam are 50% off in celebration of this grand event, both old and new, and as far as the old goes - Trackmania United Nations Forever is pretty much all you'll ever need... combined with user-made levels it's a lifetime supply of racing. The newer games do have pretty sweet graphics though... I should probably post about those some time, my first impression wasn't that great (they've split up the racing types into different games after all), but a few drives later I've changed my mind.

It's only recently this game started to go mainstream, so I guess I'll pride myself in playing it before it went viral (for real), bask in nostalgia with a few of my old levels and... well that's as far as celebration goes.

Here's to another ten years!

The Wipebook

Kickstarter is just full of amazing projects, like the doublesix dice, or like this.

The wipebook is a re-usable notebook, like a whiteboard and notebook combined, with better ink so you only need to erase something if you want to. Sounds like I'm advertising the product, don't it? :P Anything you jolt down can be permanent, or it can be temporary, whichever way you want it. Good stuff, and even though I don't believe it'll be the 'last notebook you'll ever buy' like they claim... the idea is pretty useful for stuff like papermation, brainstorming or how about short presentations?

This is actually the second Kickstarter for this project. First one didn't go so well, but I was kinda involved with that one. Not sure if it was my advice that paid off, but now that the thing's gone viral and far surpassed the funding goal This time I feel like helping out! How's this (just throwing in a random promotional image from their page here, hope they don't mind)?


It's around 1,500 backers at the time of posting, so you still have a chance to get eternally engraved in this important historical landmark of inventiveness and genius. :)


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