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Happy Pico Day 2013!

I already posted about this on NG, but just in case you missed the amazingly awesome artwork I threw together over there... here it is again. The background is based on the website theme for this year's special occasion, I just cut the images together and added a squiggle. But it's something. Hope you had a good one! And if you have no clue what it is then... Google it. A ton of great submissions have been streaming in, and I'd have liked to make something myself but there was no time. I did make a track though. It's a rap!

Happy Pico Day 2013!

The Sanity Quiz

Sanity Quiz Results

So it turns out... I'm a nobody. How about you?

CD Baby Gnomes

CD Baby Gnomes

And this is why I love that site! :D

Star Day 2013

Happy Star Day!

Happy Birthday Star Syndicate, and congratulations on surviving an 9th year!

Look Hare

A nice surprise at sunrise. :)

Look Hare

These Hectic Days

So these days have been hectic. There's been so much to review at NG, and so many DOOM Wads to play, and so much.... stuff to do instead of doing studies that it's getting a bit sickening. I'm almost starting to think I have ADHD the way I can't possible focus on the tasks I have at hand even when it really wouldn't require that much effort to take care of; even when there's really nothing I have against these tasks either. Writing. I love writing. What's the cache? Why am I writing this instead of that? What's the dealeo?

I found myself some good motivation though. This page helped me get through my last batch of work, and it's going to help me again today. I just scroll to the spot where it says 'Lock yourself up in a room and do that shit' (or something like that) and it works. I do that shit. And if I don't, I do something else, and then I read the line again and I will - do that shit! *battlecry*

I can't believe how much of a place to rant this blog has turned into, when I should be posting about interesting sites, like this, or this, or this, or this. The reason I'm posting these random links right here is because I've been going through a text file, to which I've been typing in a bunch of shit, pasting interesting links, etc, and it needs some rinsing. Hopefully I'll get all my notes cleaned out before summer. There's nothing better than returning to a fresh slate after vacation, so that's what I hope to do. And these links that I find, like this and this, don't always fit in the links section. That page is supposed to house only the ones with recurrent value, whereas there are so many fun sites I visit just once and really don't need to visit again, but still want to share with the world, like this one, or this or this, or this one here, or that other one. OK?

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