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Running Some TNT

I don't think I've played this episode before, not fully. I'm a self-acclaimed fan of all things Doom, so how have I managed to miss the additional episodes in all these years? I've probably played through Knee Deep in the Dead about a hundred times, but not this package of explosive action... until now.

The level layouts in this episode were creative. Maybe I've played the originals so much that I've grown to appreciate them less; grown used to their complex designs, but it did feel like these ones were even more elaborate. There were plenty of tricks I noticed while playing, like burning barrels hidden in pitfalls within a floor, making it seem like the floor was burning, or large rooms with levels that made them seem dimensional, and all surrounding walls falling down, one after another, to reveal new hordes of enemies. And there were teleportation tricks where you would teleport to the top of a ledge by walking to the wall below it, or where you cross a certain combination of blocks but die instantly if you pass the wrong ones. I'm thinking more of how levels are built than how they are to play. :)

Some of the levels were as confusing as I assume the originals were the first time I played them, and I was tempted to just IDCLIP my way through them instead of running around like a lab rat searching for the right door or key. In difference to the original, it feels like even key pathways are often made smaller than they should be, so insignificant they look like more like just an ammo stash or a secret.

The variation between levels was great though, both open levels and dungeons, some levels were you're walking on the edge of the world; they really play with the scenery, the different textures. I'd post screenshots but my shortcut keys for saving snapshots are the same as the ones I use for various actions in the game, so that didn't work well. What I do have, however, is a list of savefiles for the game. There are just 30 of them, though there are supposed to be 32 levels, so I'm guessing either two of those are secret or I somehow managed to skip a couple through some special exit. Level numbers may thus not be the right ones, but they are in order. Not that anyone needs a batch of savefiles when there's IDCLEV and IDKFA, but if you do want to play without cheats, and don't use a launcher, and still don't want to play all the levels... then... here you go! Oh btw, they're for Risen3D. If you're using another port they might not work, or might need renaming (which might be a waste of effort). If you're not using Risen3D already though, you should, it's good. ;) Have fun.

Download “TNT Saves” – Downloaded 96 times – 579 KB

Scratch That

Just posting some old graphical practice with Fireworks. The program.

Scratch That

Oh! Damn! Computers!

I'm a good mood today! Why? Because I recently ordered my new computer, something broke along the way, I've been down low wallowing in despair and doubt over my decisions to buy cheap computers online and digging around for solutions and thinking maybe I should've added a chunk of money to the sum I spent and bought something that's at least guaranteed to work, with a guarantee to perk... and not second hand with a wrecked fan... but after an inquiry to the shipping company it's been made clear they'll finance professional troubleshooting, and if there is trouble to boot to shoot, they'll finance the reparation fee as well AS LONG as it doesn't exceed the initial cost I paid for the computer. So! That is fucking awesome news! I'm so relieved I won't even bother keeping this site family safe for the day. My hopes are rocketing. I've sent out inquiries to all the companies nearby that do computer repair, and hopefully I'll get an answer soon, and then I'll let them check the computer, and hopefully it'll all be happy ever after and I can power up this new beast in a box and do all the things I've dreamed of that have always seemed to be just outside reach of my caged in finances. Like playing GTA 4... or even better, GTA SA with ENB Series and SRT3 on maximum settings. As it turns out, I might even be able to play GTA 3 and VC some more, because, they do work on 64-bit systems, they just don't work with integrated video cards like the one I happen to have on my current (now 4 years old) 64-bit desktop that's a piece of shit compared to my new masterpiece. Ah...

I actually wrote a blog about the trials and tribulations of trying to get this (formerly mentioned) box working before I contacted support, but I haven't gotten around to posting anything the past few days, so here you go, here's a post of a post-low mood written by this dude (me) the day before yesterday.

( pause, rewind two days )

So I picked up my new computer at the post office today, and the damn machine's not working! It fires up fine, the power button glows ominously red, the fans (five of them, two in front, two above the motherboard, blocking access to four slotes of RAM, and one in the back) are whirring, and the HD hummmmms fine. There's a switch to control the speed of the rear fan, a Cooler Master. The ATI Radeon card is the first thing you notice when you open the box, bright red, as big as one of those slim external drives, with a built in fan on one side. There's a rack for IDE drives (surprise!) with just one 500GB inserted, and space you can easily fill with one or two DVD/CD drives. This space is currently empty, but I do have a pair of CD drives (two DVD drives are in use in my two current computers) that I could mount. If I knew how. On second thought, they may be so old they're not even compatible with this new motherboard...

So, the fans get to whirring, the drive hacks familiarly like drives usually do when starting up (that good, cozy, hacking sound) and a little green light radiates from the motherboard. It sounds OK, but... there's no signal. The screen displays nothing. Plugged in keyboard/mouse aren't working. There's room for 2 DVI (or HDMI, not sure which is which) and I tried both of them. I have two screens, one new one old, and I tried both of those too. I have plenty of mice and keyboards, but I only tried a pair of those, a pair I know works, and should plug n play. The computer should have Win 7 Ultimate already installed. So... what can I do? Double check all cables and make sure they're attached. Power down, power up, power down again, try poking at the RAM below the fans to make sure they're all sitting tight, power up again... nothing. So, I email the sender. Wait for a reply. Still waiting. Five minutes later, I'm still waiting. Damn... I'm hoping for a miracle answer with a 'oh, you forgot to plug in the __' or, 'just hit the___' and it will all start running. But for now, it looks like I might actually have to go to a PC Repair shop. Or do nothing. It's a second-hand device, custom-built, some parts new, some parts old, some I don't know. I've always known there are risks buying things second hand, but in this case, I think/thought it was worth the risk. All the components are there. I can see them. All that's missing is competence on my part, and... maybe some spare part. Time will tell; I'll tell you in time.

For now, I should push the grueling doubt (did the buyer scam me? Did he just take my money and surf off to the Bahamas?) to the back of my mind and... get some studies done.

( pause, forward two days )

But that's all part of the past now! Blast doubt! Lash out! Slash clouds! Sunshine! My time! Fun time! Some sign. Fate?

Different Types Of Spam Comments

Rinsing through spam comments, I've been thinking about the different types of comments there are. Granted, they are all automatically posted, but some are still pretty clever in design. Writing a comment that can be posted to many many websites, and still seem relevant to each one is quite a challenge. Here are a few types of comments I've stumbled upon...


Giving generic praise on your website, and then asking a generic website-related question might just be a working method of getting visits. Without seeing the suspect author website link of this message, it seems pretty legit, right?


Posting something completely random, and mentioning that it's completely random, is a way of making the message relevant. It has the added benefit of working on all content forms, though it may seem less legit if posted in the middle of serious discussion.


Here's a more common response, a post-specific comment that doesn't really say anything at all. Depending on the subject, it just might seem relevant. On a video or image post, it might not work so well.


Then there's the effortless response, that's made intentionally short to seem natural. Because most people do type short responses. The problem with this type of comment are that they are Dependant on surrounding comments or text to seem legit. Whereas the examples above are contained subjects, this one is directly linked to the content.

That's all for now, hope you enjoyed this short session of lessons on SPAM! ;)

My World Of Text

My World Of Text

An entire world made of characters and digits and stuff. Pretty neat. :)

Procr... Title Under Construction

I keep writing about it, but I'm having a hard time focusing. At times I have no trouble at all, it all depends on what I'm doing. I've wondered if I've developed a form of ADHD through progressive procrastination, a lifestyle where the requirement that things are achieved within a specific time-frame are for the most part (excluding the final deadline each semester) non-essential. Still there are deadlines on regular assignments, too, that I manage to match... but just before it really counts, when I really need to sit down and do what I sit down to do instead of letting it pile, I break away. I surf. I write. I sort files. I eat lunch. I take walks. Normal behavior, maybe, but irritating nevertheless. I've always taken pride in my self-discipline, but at times it malfunctions. Times like now. But rather than doing nothing at all, I do something, I write a blog that I may post in the future. So it's not all bad. In fact, life is... pretty good. That's all.

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