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Week 25 - Still Up North

I have three minutes to type in my blog for the day, so it's got to be short! The past week has been mostly cloudy, with occasional waterfalls and plenty of wind, but it seems like the storms have calmed and summer's finally blowing in. The sun is fierce, the water warm in a day, the stormy waves won't keep me at bay. I'm on my way to Kangos tomorrow, to celebrate a couple of birthdays and maybe... do other things. Oh, and midsummer just passed, the brightest day of the year, we celebrated with peers while the clouds shed tears. :) Hope you had a great weekend! Here's last week.

Week 24 - Up North

So I'm up, North, typing this during my second visit to the nearest place with shopping facilities (two of them!) and a public library computer (just the one) - Överkalix. I'm also suddwenly made aware that my site doesn't look quite right on low screen resolutions, like 1024x768, no doubt a leftover bug from a recent (failed) attempt to make the sidebar disappear when you shrink the screen. Guess I'll have to fix that, in September...

I handed in my final assignment late night last Monday, spent the day after cleaning up and eating ice cream and then ventured to the airport at sunfall. The bus had some motor trouble, and black smoke billowed from the engine, but it made it to the airport OK. At the airport, it turned out that my plane was 50 minutes behind schedule. I played cards with a cousin, walked around impatiently, and finally, after a quick check-in and a flight in a sparsely inhabited plane with televisions in front of every couple of rows and blue light in the aisle, I arrived in Luleå, reunited with my family up North, and after a long drive home and a quick look around finally went to sleep, around two... again.

Since then there's been a lot of digging, planting, and eating meals with much greater gratitude than I usually do. A buddy came by yesterday, we took a tour into Överkalix last Friday (no visual deviances, it all looks just like I remember it!) and now we're back again because the left pedal on my bike fell off; apparently it needs some repair. Otherwise? The lake is cold, the air is fresh, summer might just be waiting behind a gray cloud. Sunlight is spontaneous and neverlasting.

Next weekend we're taking a trip to Kangos in time for Midsummer, but until then I expect there'll be a lot of digging involved before everything's planted and variational work is granted. Maybe even some vacation! :D See you in an unexpectable amount of time. Last week.

It's Summer!

My Summer

It's finally that time of the year, the time when I venture up to the Northern Norths of Sweden and isolate myself within the untamed wilderness for a full three months. Actually it's just two and a half months this year, a drastic decrease, but that's still plenty of time to both savor the sunshine and fun time and work so berserk that the mud climbs in dull pines. Actually, it's just as long a vacation as last year, but compared to the few years before that it is a considerable lowering of luxury summer standards. Not that it's all fun and play. Most of the days are spent weeding, breathing heavy, plowing Earth and unplanting trees in, raking leafs and scything fields and firing trees and at the end of the day... feasting.

It's always the peak in the year, it's my dream, it's my care, it's my season, a time that I believe. It's a time spent seeing the good things in life, feeling like I'm the center of meaning, fleeing my strife in the dark damp machine midst to be out and free in the fields where the winds slow breeze rolls me in, like in a blanket. I bask in the wind and the waves and I thank it, I drank it in mind, it tasted like fish that went rancid. That's it. That's all the rhyme for today. :)

I handed in my assignment late least night... err, early this morning, but I woke up early anyway and finished that picture you see above for a summer-themed collab, defrosted the freezer, took a walk, watched the latest episode of Toriko, and after I finish writing this I'll clean the house and finish packing. Good to go. :)

Guess how big this site really is? 9GB, scattered across 74,516 files, with a database on... well I have no idea about the database since I export all sites in a single backup, but it's gotten pretty large, and just keeps growing! I'd have liked to rinse through the content and add some order the outdated and rampant parts and pages of this place, but that'll have to wait until after summer. I think I said the same time last year, hmm, I'll get to it eventually though, would be cool to have everything tidied up until CDBs 10th anniversary. :)

Hope you all have a good summer/winter/whatever you have where you are! As usual I'll be posting sporadic updates when I make my way to the library, every other week or so. Until then.

More Power Of Music

So..,. here's another batch of inspiring music videos. Something to sum up the time before summer. :)


Week 23 – Last Nine Asinine

Sky Like Clouds

I woke up around 4:30 to blue skies and cracking thunder in the distance. I decided to sleep in, so I stayed in bed for a full half hour and finally bounded out of bed around 5, promptly feeling much more tired than I had felt lying down. A big breakfast didn't help. So, I sat by the computer for an hour without accomplishing much, took a short walk in a progressive drizzle, sat by the computer another five hours without accomplishing much more, took another short walk in sunshine, ominous clouds looming ahead, ate lunch, took a shower, took a nap, and I've now been sitting by the computer for another couple of hours hearing the rain pound on the roof, seeing white light flash through the windows; finally typing frenetically. It seems storms are great resources of energy, not just electricity, but also adrenaline. :)

This past week has been all about studies, and still is, mostly. I have two assignments to go, of which I'm positive I'll finish at least one today. After today, almost two full days remain until my flight. If I hadn't had a blasting headache yesterday (probably due to the change in air pressure before this storm) I'd like to think I'd be done already, but would I really? It seems to be in my nature to leave things to the last minute, and though I have been working steadily on accomplishing tasks at hand this entire week, true efficiency only arrives in short bursts, lasts a few hours and then leaves, and leaves me contemplating, and stalling, and unnecessarily revising work that's pretty much finished. Not that that is the situation right now, but considering how light-headed I feel today I'm probably not working as fast as I could've been if I slept soundly. It's the paradox of efficiency, you get more done the more you relax. For the most part I'm just living off motivation. I watched a quick lecture on how to stay efficient though, which claimed that motivation is just a spark that you may use to light the real fire: discipline. Motivation comes and goes, so don't put your faith in motivation, don't motivate yourself. Instead, when you are motivated, build up discipline. I've been working on that today, that and studies, all simultaneously.

At the start of this week I stumbled upon a slight problem with my blog. I tried uploading a bunch of images, but most of these images kept generating a generic 'There was an error during the upload, please try again later' error message. So I spent valuable time looking around for a solution. There seemed to be none. It seems to be a general problem with the newest version of WordPress. I've found a workaround in generating new thumbnails through a plugin for images that apparently do upload but fail to generate thumbnails, and I'm hoping WP will fix this issue with the next release. Good thing summer is coming quick so this won't be bugging me until they do.

My motivation did stray one day (I mean discipline DAMNIT) and I spent a couple of hours playing Max Payne 3... but apart from that one deviance I feel I have achieved more this week than the entire past month. I'm tempted to just stop working for a bit and browse through my folders of accomplishments, hmmm... wouldn't that be nice. :) Otherwise? I mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, washed my clothes, ate the food (yessir, the fridge is so bare I might need to shop for an additional day) and eh... there's really nothing interesting to say. I'm busy today. If there's time before I leave I'll post one more before summer, if not, I'll see you up North! I mean, I won't see you, but you'll see me. I mean, you'll read my blog, which I'll write up North, and we'll get this special connection. Like when you stick a finger in a power socket, ya know? Until whenever.

* Btw, the title refers to the remainder of days I had till deadline at the start of week. Also, last.

The Power Of Music

It can be inspiring, tiring, the fire-in higher-ing, perspiring, trialing and riling like violins. But it's so powerful I roll in like I'm a king. Just rapping quick rhymes cause I'm sick of Quicktime, and cause midnight is now climbing out my slick mind. I had a headache most the day but now I feel fine, so I find some inspiring tunes to lead my obese mind to iron will and then feast my eyes on peace signs. No idea what I'm saying, music is playing, after this batch I just snatched that lay hid in my favorites I'm diving straight in without waiting to studies cause buddy the time is escaping, I'll just park these plays at the dark of these days end. Good listening!


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