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Week 34 - Last Week...

Last week was speakably weak and fast (though much work/joy amassed) and passed but the past's been a blast when I, at last, look back at the past in two and a half months passed on my last week here in the free wild last wild patch of green, white, black, blue, leafs turning yellow, red like a rash - fall is closing in and I stall when I bath. A chill's cold like a wraith and I'm chased by its wrath. But alas: re:fresh after that, the aftermath's a faster laugh and flashier flabs of fragrant fat. And that's that, my last told blog sourced from my stronghold in the cool cold beautiful old bold North: gong, fold. I might, see you in a week and a night; write from the city with blinding bright lights and gritty skies. Time flies. Last weeks.

Week 32 & 33 - Hmmm..

We ventured to Kalix last week, the day after we planned to, and I would've written then if they hadn't recently introduced a brand new booking system for their public library computers which lets users hold a computer for an extensive unmarked amount of time, meaning there were no computers available; meaning there really is no booking system at all. Progress for the worse. Seeing my predicament, a kind librarian offered her own computer instead (though just for a quick check of email), a much appreciated act of unreserved kindness that I now blogfully announce in tribute.

But anyway, today's a rainy day, I rode on paved gray roads through rainy loads corroding the evading quay of lorries and worrisome strays. I bought a box of LEGO for only fifty S E K, a couple of comics and a game to train my brain and make it great like an old tape of Ice (Cube) Tray and Dre. As always time is getting late; spending just an hour every other week to meet the net it leaves no time for other needs, but on the other hand I'm trouble free, in mind I'm a double me that loves to breath, a smug emcee hugging trees and jumping in a giant tub of leaves. Free. Peace. Last week.

Week 31 - Sleepy Deep Z Summer Greeting

Weeks I usually consider busy aren't considerably busy compared to the weeks when my nephew visits. You wanted a fact of life? This is it. But bliss fills, my day as the wish wells of hay spills, the days get darker and colder yet May's still a good deal away. Kill the sunshine with drapes, kill the drapes when I wake, greeted by sunshine mostly each and every day, and a blue lake that waves. In the weekend my nephew trained away; my brother, after he came to stay for a day.

We picked him up at the train station early in the mist, spent the day with fish, straining in water way past our wrists, with sauna and flora and fauna and risks and food up to a fifth and dude it's been a rich - day. The mist whisked away.

So, all's back to normal, the form's filled. We picked blueberries this morning after the dorm stilled. I think I slept for ten hours after getting up at four for two days straight, and going to sleep two days late, but not anymore! I'm floored though, like a lore of board oak, but never bored, and I never snore. Nope.

I'm heading back up in September, bet I'll remember, this summer like an ember that burns in my memory like, all other hikes and bike rides that spike life. I like summer and sometimes I write rhymes. Some times sun shines. Fun times. Last week.

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