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In The Music

Best track from the best album of the best band I've been introduced to this year! How many dope tracks am I still missing? It's all in the music.

GOGs Last Chance

GOGs Last Chance

One more weekend of crazy Christmas deals and collective daily sales! Kinda glad it's over, cause I've been buying way too much. :P Oh, and Steam gave away Left for Dead 2 - free for all! Surprise! I'm never on Steam so good thing other people do; were kind enough to let me know about it. So many games this Christmas, and no time to play 'em!



A breakdown on the various aspects of CyberD.


The old 'about' page on CDB.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas! I've checked my Advant batch for the last time (if you happen to be Swedish and feel like entering some contests you can still grab the file /dl/advent-2013-bat/">here, should be game until midnight... oh wait, it's past midnight already). I've worked on my piece for this years Christmas Collab a couple of hours last night and a couple of hours this morning, and low and behold, it's DONE NOT DONE YET! The Collab won't officially be out until after the 28th though, so there's still time. You should be able to get a sneak peak of project development in the newly opened devblog, which I plan on using to actively post development from now on (still haven't posted anything though, I'll add a bunch of stuff tomorrow). I'm thinking keeping track of projects I'm working on might motivate me more, and hopefully also give you visitors some insight in what I'm actually working on. What to you think? Of course only public projects will be posted. The category name is subject to change too, but that's a future thing. Actually all of this is a thing for tomorrow so I don't know why I'm even posting about it...

Today, I'm just stopping by to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas! Don't forget to spend time with your family, if you have one, your secondary families (friends) if you don't, and enjoy the occasion! Because who knows, maybe you'll eat too many sweets, attain some form of lethal disease and never have a happy occasion again! Appreciate life! Live to the fullest! Don't get depressed by that recent notion that nothing is eternal and that you should live in the moment instead of postponing projects and procrastinating like I always do.

Now's the time for insight, a time for grins, smiles and grim lights under dim skies!

Merry Christmas!

Kill La Kill - First Impressions

This anime is just incredible! I watched the first episode on a whim, and it had me hooked from just a few seconds in. And now suddenly I'm all caught up with the first twelve episodes in less than a week... and the watch list in the sidebar has been updated.

It starts with a lecture. The teacher has just a few seconds of screen time on the topic of Germany, 1933, when someone kicks in the door to the classroom (it's a metal door to boot), one main character (more like sidekick) is subtly introduced, a drama presents itself in the form of a kleptomaniac rebel, the main characters' (not yet revealed) future best friend sits by the desk beside his, he reveals himself, tries to escape, battle ensues, he gets his ass kicked, the school leader is presented, camera pans out from the school to the town to a long road below where a transfer student has just arrived... and that's where things really begin to get interesting!

Everything is so fast paced and intense it's crazy, all the time, there's always something going on. It's not randomly random like Excel Saga, but the comedy is reminiscent of this prior masterpiece, and the fighting is on par with pretty much any action anime out there. The animation quality isn't always incredibly detailed, but there's an incredible amount of detail. There are blasts that don't even last a second, flashes of light, awesome explosions that like a vortex suck in a group of people before blowing them away, people flying in the air like dry leaves, incredibly fluent motion and some of the most awesome fights I've seen in a while.

But it's not just about the action, there's a complex plot as well, of which more and more is revealed along the way, and though more is revealed in the first episode than would usually be revealed in an entire arc of a normal series, the information output in the ensuing episodes is given at a tolerable pace. Considering how fast everything happens in the first episode, and considering the main character even has time to quarrel with the main boss this early on, I'm surprised to see that twelve episodes flash by and there are still revelations waiting around the corner.

So far I'm flabbergasted, I haven't been very active with new anime series lately but this one might bring me back in, again. Looking forward to seeing what the second (and final) season has to offer!

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