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6 Anticipated Movie Sequels 2013

So... since I did one of these lists back in 2012, why not do one more? A short list of movies I'm looking forward to and then some I'm really not looking forward to this year that just began. It starts with...

A Good Day To Die Hard

Aka Die Hard 5. So far the Die Hard series is one of the best series of action movies ever made. Though nothing can really compare to the first three, the fourth one managed to bring new life to the series, and Bruce Willis is still doing all major ass-kicking in the movies.

In this one, it will be no different, I hope! It will be another great dosage of punchlines and personal warfare, a classic clash of good versus evil in some criminal scheme that is bigger than ever. Actually, the fourth one was the biggest one yet, and it feels like it'd be a hard job to top that one off. Will they even try? Maybe it'll be back to the normal villainous plots as in the former three, Now that the series is back on track and all I suppose they don't need to give it another big push. I haven't read the IMDB info on this one, but I'm looking forward to whatever it brings! Whatever it is, it's bound to be good action.

Monsters University

The original Monsters Inc was no favorite, but it was a good movie; good fun... and I am looking forward to this sequel!

The World's End

Technically this is not a sequel, but it is the third movie directed by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. There was Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and now... The World's End. This time it's a (I'm guessing incredibly fresh and funny) take on the disaster film genre. The first two were great, and I am really really REALLY looking forward to this one!!


Interstate 78

Bought this on GOG a while back, played a bit. Twas fun, but hard to take screenshots. :D

Interstate 78

Interstate 78

Interstate 78

Interstate 78

Interstate 78


Lost & Found Of The NG Net

I browsed around and stumbled upon interesting locations. I also stumbled upon a ton of websites that were no longer there, a depressing fate I suppose many of these will share soon, but until then I'm going to generously advertise a bunch of random websites that you probably won't find yourself if you don't browse the same sites I browse. Lately the 'sites that I browse' have been old user profiles on NG. The links below aren't not memorable enough for the links section but not forgetable enough to just forget about either. :P Maybe you'll find some inspiration or something. Without further ado, in no particular order...

Tiny House Productions, That Random Shit Collective, Butts Lol, Resident Evil Problems, Infinite Knife, Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa dude!), Nonetheless, Dan Balan [freeweb start] Last Bullet, Halo Love (quote from site: Halo love has been taken down due to financial issues... financial? On freewebs? O_o), Skye's Dead Site, Hellbanished, Spin Tap Productions, Seth Dude, Rocco's World, Atom's Inc, X-Aldin, [freeweb end] That Everything Blogger, Graphic Audio, Sprite Survivor, Hopeku, Tarboy, Hania's Blog, Random Encounter Band, Keaton Tips, Probe 9, Matthew Phinn, Half-Sanity, Big Fat Secret, Symphony of Spectres, Philip Johnson, Plutonic Fluf (RIP), K.S. Langas, Dan Solomon, Classic Games (Chinese), Jariy Lamaki, Scattered Planets, Cobra Flash Adventures, All Work & No Play, Klustr, Mac Pherson & Christie, Six Vocal Ensamble, Fantastic Realm, Bush Whackers Band Blog, Monkey Lovur, Ishkurs Guide To Electronic Music, Zelda Gallery, Evil Dog, Extars Cube, Closure, The Benfer, Chaos Pony, Bandy Hates, BFW Recordings, Shael Riley, Keaton World, Malmotion, Remochoso, Ed Skudder, Metal Tracks, King Bastard, Mouse Industries, Slik Rik, Glue Productions is coming soon, and has been for many years. Hexus, Fiona Hodgson, Dreamscaper says Rock is a bore, Hip-Hop is a snore, Country I just ignore, Rap is like audio war, Heavy-Metal makes my ears sore, Disco should've died in '74, Electronic I love to the core. I don't really agree, but thanks to him I just found Our Stage. Moving on... Pretty Much Games, Prikedelk, Pumo Software, I Cook At Home, Psycho Goldfish, Bushido Self Improvement, My Head Is A Balloon, Studio Nightbird, True Weak Sauce, Pizza For Guys, The Radio Movement, White Fire Games, Milano Crew, Josh Freeman, Niero The, Synth City, Worm Cult, JT&co Flash, Xayber Optix, XFox Galaxy, XStormer1, Sly Hoax, The Manifold, Pwned, Team Awesome, Got EXP Studios, Vinganza, Merchaholic, Synth Studio, Cameron's Flash, Recharged, Mr. Simon, Zero's Mindspace, Iced-Fire Studio, Mr. Chris Davidson, GCOE, Stage 3-1, Gralinnaea, Flash Truth, Scrub Club Records, This Is A Fucking Disaster, Official 3D Funk Man, Andy, Cambomb, Neil Lonsway, Lithorian, Black Jaguar Studios, Dull Grey Studios, Mumbleboy, Just Nothing, Piraatwear, Into The Fox Hole, Elf Wax, Jesse Valentine, Charlie Somervile, UK Resistence, Livecorpse (RIP), Mango Six, Palm Out Sounds, MC Jimmy, Unalone, VSR Podcast, DJ Sonik, Fadeliss, Dylan Anglada, Flawsome, Poos (damn, four letter domains are worth a lot now!), Firetruck Band, Burning River Studios, Haywire Music, Serge's Sketches, Sculpture..

That's 141 sites btw. What, you want more? Maybe later. :)


Found My Space

So I Googled my name, and found an ancient Myspace page. :) I can't remember when I signed up at myspace, must have been way back, but it's not an account I'll ever need so I got rid of it. Here's a salvaged profile description though...

Im an ordinary nerd,
In an ordinary world,
I don't talk much,
I seldom utter a word,

I practice martial arts,
I like looking at modded cars,
I stare at the night stars,
I think and philosophize far.

During all daytime,
I sit in bright sunshine,
And enjoy what time is mine,
Watching the skyline,

When I'm inside,
I create sites with pride,
And write stuff in my,
Blue notebook at night,

I'm a webmaster,
I could code a site for thee,
It's my current occupation,
This is the current me.

Also, my interests from back then. they haven't changed much! :D

Old Myspace Interests

Don't know why David & The Citizens is on the last though, I don't think I've ever listened to them. Did I include that just because... because what? It's a mystery. Also, I'm not a satanist, I just like speedmetal (if you're wondering about Belphegor). Later.

Sky Email

I stumbled upon a neat email service today. Well actually, I haven't tried the service, but the address is pretty neat. Check this to get a [email protected] address. The email service will be moving over to Yahoo! in April, but addresses don't change. :)

If I Had 100MBit...

I would never need to wait... for anything. -_-

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