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The Rap Song

I stumbled upon a track called The Rap Song. Is that legit? Can it really be called rap if it's a song? Can it really be a song if it's a rap? Paradoxial wonderings pass my mind.

Speed Up Viewing Folders In Windows 7

I've been working on a huge collection of personal audio today and eventually I became tired of how long it took for folders to open or for the folder names to become selectable when I F2d them. So, I checked the folder properties and it was set for general files (under the customize tab). I changed it to music. Voila! Faster! That's all you really need to do to speed up a folder view! Of course, it differs for different file-types, and if you really have a folder filled with all kinds of different extensions it probably won't get any faster with this method. You could always experiment a bit though; see if specifying the folder for one type of files works faster than the the other settings.

Note that when I say speed up I'm speaking about regular loading times. In my case it was a few seconds per folder when really it shouldn't take more than one, so this was a quick fix for the issue. The file-types contained within this specific folder were MP3, WAV & TXT. Mostly MP3.

Just Downloading & Posting

So, I'm posting a post because... I'm waiting for a bunch of tracks to download so I can download another bunch of tracks, and then another bunch, and then transfer a bunch to an external HD before downloading some more, and between these bunches I ate many lunches. Nah, no time for that, but still I don't want to do nothing, but at the same time I can't get any serious work done because the downloading process will keep messing with my train of thought. Apparently writing a blog won't. At least not enough to make me lose track of what I was typing, so yeah... I'm up at 200 tracks on the same artist right now. I'm thinking that maybe this'll be an addition to the top uploaders list, in the 300 class. Doesn't seem to be in the 500's yet... but this is the first time in a long time I've stumbled upon an artist with this many tracks that I haven't downloaded from earlier. It gives you a real sense of accomplishment being able to download a few hundred tracks in a row like this, without having to browse through a bunch of different profiles. If it's good music or not? That's a different question. :D Hum, not many tracks left now, up at 250... 281! So close! :D

Week 2 - The Walks

Last week I took one long walk, so this week I've decided to take seven. I'm not sure if I'm in shape enough to walk the walk I walked last week for seven days straight, so I've settled for just an additional 10km (minimum) per day. That's excluding the usually short obligatory morning walk I always take. I have no idea how tough it will be to walk a mile every day. The first day shouldn't be a problem, but after that... who knows! It'll be a fun challenge, and a needed considering how much food I've been stuffing myself with this Christmas. :P I'll let you know how it goes in the number like the samurai: seven.

Blogtip #1 - Random Wisdom

Anyone who has ever made a resolution discovers that the strength of their determination fades with time. The important thing is not that your resolve never wavers, but that you don’t get down on yourself when it does and throw in the towel.

If you have nothing to post, post a quote!

200 Batteries

I ordered some batteries just before the new year. Brand name: Anderssons. A completely unknown brand; no reviews for it anywhere. The boxes contain AA & AAA sizes, 10 packs each with 10 batteries each. I was thinking they might solve my battery problem and keep me from having to move around batteries with different charges between different devices all the time and sometimes search the house for a working battery for some random device that suddenly needs one. Here's a picture showing 20% of 200...

40 Batteries

I'm thinking that maybe I overdid it a bit. Run time per battery is generally 45 hours... so these should last me around 9000 hours, depending on how much juice the device in question uses. I use batteries in flashlights, voice recorders, clocks and cameras. Mostly. I used to use batteries in GBAs, and back then I consumed rather large quantities of them, but now both my camera and my NDS have built-in battery packs, so the devices that consume the most juice just recharge by eating regular electricity.

How many batteries do I actually use each year? I guess that question will be answered in due time, by the end of this year! So far I've used 2 batteries for a voice recorder. I have plenty of devices with batteries in them already, like remote controls, my old cameras, my old GBA... but it's not like I regularly use those. If there's a power failure late at night, then maybe I'll get to shed some light on this question! :D I'll let you know in a year.

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