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Hell Baby (2013)

Hell Baby (2013)

So a young couple move into a haunted house, find out there's a black man living in their crawl-space, find out the house is really called 'the house of blood' or 'the house of the lost' or 'the house of the dead', find some old naked zombie lady lurking around, that after a failed murder attempt they try burying (she's already dead though, duh).

The wife gets possessed by the devil (did I mention she's pregnant?) a couple of exorcists take a trip from the Vatican, a couple of cops knock on the door one day after the wife's sadistically tortured a poor biker, the wife's sister one day pops up in the shower... and then it all goes to hell!

So there's a lot of crazy shit going on. There's comedy, but there's also plenty of gross, plenty of blood and vomit, plenty of shocks and surprises. It's made by the same guys who made Reno 911, so if you've seen that, expect the same type of humor in a new setting.

Not the scariest scary movie I've seen, and not the funniest funny movie either, but a pretty entertaining blend!

 rated 3/5: not bad

Porn Star - The Legend Of Ron Jeremy (2001)

Porn Star - The Legend Of Ron Jeremy (2001)

I started reading a book recently about Ron Jeremy, The Hardest Working Man in Showbiz. Haven't gotten that far yet, but so far it's an entertaining read, and it gives an image of Ron as a surprisingly self-conscious individual, yet at the same time both humorous and confident.

This movie gives a different image, it seems to tell the tale of a lonely individual, like he is keeping his schedule full as to not think about his problems, like there's something missing in his life (stable relationship?)... but at the same time it does look like he's enjoying his fame.

He's everywhere, not just in porn, but in regular movies (though usually with no major roles - and as someone kindly points out - he seems to get killed a lot), in music videos (he played at a Kid Rock concert too), in commercials, in music (he had a rap song hitting the charts), at parties, hanging out with celebrities, pretty much everywhere! Though when they show that scene with him flipping through a photo book with pictures of him together with all these different celebrities it's just sad, why wouldn't we take his word for it? He is a celebrity. What's he trying to prove... to us? To himself?

Ironically, at the time of writing, I haven't seen any porn Ron Jeremy has starred in. You'd think it'd be floating all over the Internet since he's been in so many flicks and is even current record holder with over 1800 movies on his list of merits. He's also special in another way, as one adult director mentions: in his stamina and control. Females (though apparently often exploited) have it easier in the business, they can fake their orgasm, but: you can't fake an erection. And he doesn't do Viagra.

Did you know Ron Jeremy was in Killing Zoe btw? He has a couple of seconds of screen time, getting shot down when he refuses to raise his hands from a desk. So I've seen him in one movie at least! :D It's hard to find out which regular movies he's been in, because at least on IMDB it seems that they are all listed, not just the legit ehm... non-porn ones.

He really isn't a bad actor though, as is shown through many clips in this movie, and along with personal interviews and interviews with other people an image of a very humane, down-to-Earth kinda character takes shape. I wasn't really sure I wanted to post this review on my site, but WTH, I might as well be open and share with the world my views on all the movies that I watch... and in comparison to the babe-filled B-movies I've been reviewing lately this is actually comparatively tame. :) Not that many revealing scenes.

In the movie you get to hear Ron, his sister, his dad, his buddies, fellow adult actors (both new and old) and a few celebrates speak to and of him. It might not delve as deep into his past and his personal experiences as that book that I started reading, but it's a good promo, it's making me all the more interested in the fate of this rather unusual person. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


Just doodling around with this tool that I found. Let's see what I got...

Crane Main

Don't know what this is.


Doodlistic. Fantastic.


Take Er Easy!

Take Er Easy!

Well OK then. Chill as a pill.

Battle Commence!


The big showdown in Toriko, Starjun versus you know who! All the other chefs are fighting for their lifes alongside these strong prides.


And Naruto's kicking it up a notch too, Madara and Tobi unite to face the Nine-tailed hero. How come all these showdowns always coincide like this? In Hunter X Hunter, the crew are just about to bust into the palace and face the king. In One Piece, the vicious Breed just started his face-off against the Strawats, and in Kill La Kill the Kamui finally took over and things are getting super-crazy. All the shows I follow!

Folders Fontfaces Weirding Up

Whazzup With That?!

Yeah, what's up with that? Only one title affected.

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