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Uploading A Video

Life with 100kbit upload speed. -_-

Kungsängen & Back

Quick rhyme for that walk I took.

Season Of Snow Is Back Home

Quick video for a snowy yesterday! Recored twice, mixed audio in Audacity.

Week 1 - A Walk

Every week this year I'm supposed to challenge myself with something for the full seven days, or break the routine for one day. That was one of my resolutions. I have a bunch of serial events planned, but Monday passed before I could get started with any of them, so... I decided to take a one-day walk for starters. A walk from Bro to Kungsängen and then from Kungsängen back to Bro. About 16km both ways.

So I ate a bit bigger breakfast than usual, finished an assignment I've been working on for THREE DAYS *aaargh*, composed a sandwich, pocketed it and parted with the house for a few hours. It was snowing when I left; raining on the way back. I made it to Kungsängen in little more than an hour, and little less than two back. I ate my sandwich by the bay in Kungsängen , watching waves and glaciers as raindrops pelleted my skin. It was the best lunch I've had in a long time. Though it would have been nice with one more sandwich, or two, or five, or...

Anyway, that was today's grand adventure. Fun. :) I should write a post sometime about how a quick walk makes you both efficient and happy... and hungry... but everybody already knows that, right?

Otherwise? I've been working on the 2013 version of my layout. It's going well; I can't wait to make it official but it's probably best if I don't tell anyone about it before it's done or I'll never finish it. Doh. Studies are taking up most of the time right now though, and will be until Jan 20. That's my deadline and I sincerely hope I can keep it. So that's it, huh? No real Christmas vacation at all? Not even a weekend free? It's completely my own fault since I've been spacing out the workload and doing other things, but still, it's a shitt bitty. The clock marks two minutes till midnight now so I guess I'd better sleep some. See you in a week sun.

An iFrame Con = Not A Con

If you have a navigation frame loading different pages into a "main frame," it is hard to create a navigation bar that tells users which page they are on (because the other frame loads the new page without telling the navigation bar).

But it's not, is it? Isn't the active attribute of CSS perfectly suited for such a navigation bar? After you click it, and the new page loads, it will stay highlighted, just as a normal menu should. Only you won't need to use a server-side scripting language such as PHP just to learn which page the user is on so you can highlight that one page. It'll actually save a lot of bandwidth in not needing to reload the menu or process scripts on every page to check which page it is. Just saying...

It's 2013

First video this year! I actually cut the audio this time, ran it through Audacity, and then patched it back to video. So the sound should be a bit better than default camera crap. Also, for the first time ever, an audio download! 2013 is going to be full of surprises... have fun! :)


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