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2014 Begins

It's just past New Year, closing in on 2... the most inspiring time of day! Think I'll get a bit of a head start on this New Year's project. :) All the hopes, all the dreams, all the visions, will I see... my ambitions, redeemed? Or by wisdom, envisioned.


The New year is here,
Pyro-ware lit the air,
Yesterday I shed a tear
For hopes that never flared

But this year, I'm not scared,
That I won't be in it's care,
Like a Snake I'll soak bliss for this is -
My year.

So hear me as I thin!
For a while I disappear,
As the air clears I venture
Away into the cosmos!

So where do I begin?
For a while I'm but a bare,
A blank, an empty page,
A stank, of pending change

Give thanks, to all the banks,
Give blanks, to all who kill,
And will, this year be crank?
Or crunk? My will is ill

In bunks, we lie still
And fill our minds with highlights,
Of a trialled life and trails,
Of success and many fails.

And darkness, and dread,
It's parked in, my head,
But there, something flares..
Something fair! Something gleams!

Shed your fears and lets beam to-



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