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Android Cop

Android cop
Can you shoot a hole through the wall
Can you shoot the whole wall with a shot
Can you whole shoot the wall
Android cop

It's Not Real

See the rainbow!
No wait. That's a dream.

A Life & Of Line

I stopped writing these for a while
I went on a funeral, and when I came back
I felt no need to write them, I felt no need
I just didn't feel like fighting

I left for a few days, I came back
And it's incredible how much has changed
I see my free verses arranged in syllables
And lines that come to life at the same length

And I wonder what it all means
I wonder if I should jot down my dreams
Every morning when I wake up, I wonder much
If life is what I make up, if it is what it seems

Do I like in the Matrix? I don't
Think so, I entertain the thought but I
Am sure I live for a purpose, I hope I find
My purpose, my peace of mind, before I die

Wouldn't it be tragic if life was worthless?
If you live your life and don't realize why
And why, why do you deserve this life
When you don't make something out of your time

Something Little

Here is a little
Something something little I
Wrote something little

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