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I Object

I don't mean no disrespect
But this feeling - I object
You are reeling my respect
But this feeling... that comes next...

I object - you don't mean it
Feeling I don't want to feel it
Time is stealing and I'm reeling
Meaning in and I'm in...

Trouble - trouble trouble
Everyday, every bubble I climb in
I live a double life
Double everything... I'm in trouble

Apocalyptic world - I'm in rubble
Rising like a Phoenix
Sky is high - CRUSHED - by feeling
I don't want to feel it

I don't mean no disrespect!
But this feeling - I object.

Skype Emoticons Are UGLY

I started using the client a while back to interact with a client (zing!) and as soon as I posted my first :) I... I didn't want to chat any longer. After getting used to the stylishly designed emoticons of interfaces like Gmail and Invision, and places like NG and KG, this was a bit of a shock. They're horrible. They take up too much space compared to the text, they overplay expressions and they just... don't fit in. I disabled the visual smileys ASAP but unfortunately disabling them only works one way. If I use them the person on the other end is going to see them anyway. Just had to get that said.

Now as emotions they're not bad, I have to add, but they fit the interface like an emoticon would fit a tombstone. No similarity between Skype and tombstones, but they don't fit. Ya know? Those are my negative cents... like -2.

Dumb Season

For some reason this is dumb season
I do dumb things - for some reason
And some things aren't so dumb
But somethings are - here's one

Off With A Cough

The poem
I know when
I write it
An omen

For how I
Will do get
Me through yet
A new day

It's Tuesday
It's work day
It's work hard
Berzerk day

My urge fades
To rest up
I'm off with
A cough

I cough, and cough...
And cough and cough!
I cough like a-

It's Tuesday, work day
I'm off to work
Though awfully irked
By this quirk! I'm unnerved!

My urge fades
To rest up
I'm off with
A cough

I cough, and cough...
And cough and cough!
I cough like a-

I'm off

Days Of Our Lives

Fourth day I
Don't want to die
I sit inside
But it's OK

I won't fade
I just feel gray
I miss the sun
Outside it sways

From high to low
And low to high
From day to dawn
And dawn to night

From dark to light
I stray inside
The days go by
The days... of my life

Week 12 - Disconnected

I caught a cold on Thursday. Night. Took all potential precautions soon as I started feeling that itch in my throat, but to no avail. Friday I was floored, slept all day and writhed around in fever and chills the night after, headache and jawache and all that shizznit. Come Saturday I was doin better - we had guests over that night but I stayed in my quarantine upstairs, and come Sunday I'm sitting here typing this, about to embark on a venture towards my creative writing deadline tonight. The only problem is... I have no Internet.

Since Friday, I've had no Internet. I tried logging on just to perform my daily routine, but it didn't work, and I had no energy to start troubleshooting. I tried a few times during the day hoping it'd solve itself; nada. Probably good in a way since I needed the rest. Did some troubleshooting the day after, winded out the colossally long cable we've had wound up behind the old computer, tried my other computer, tried a different modem (I have a spare - a clone), checked with an alternative cable between modem and computer... nothing. Today I finally called support, early morning, and apparently we needed a new modem! Previously we've used ADSL, but as we recently (I didn't know about it) had an upgrade from 8 to 30 MBit we need one that supports VDSL. Dad's rolling around town and will hopefully be able to pick one up (it's free), and hopefully I'll get my writing done on time, and hopefully I'll be able to connect and hand it in tonight aaand check back on NG for the first time in a few days.

I know I've typed on the topic before, but it's incredible how reliant we are of the net. I do have a cell for myself so at least I've been able to check email, but apparently certain features are locked. I can't install Flash because it's no longer available through Google Play, and apps that aren't installed through an official source aren't 'allowed'. WTF is that? On Win 7 you can disable the UAC if you want to... I wasn't expecting Android to cage users like this, I want freedom! I want control!! But anyway, the point is: without Flash, I cannot view submissions on NG, which means I cannot vote, which means I cannot deposit EXP, which means logging onto NG via cellphone is useless. Plus the site isn't optimized for mobile so it takes hellllishly long. At least I can check email. And I could check FB... if I wanted... which I'll probably have to do unless I get Internet tonight since I have a 'client' on FB to which I sent a message on Thursday night, just before all of this broke down... and as for studies, with a little extra effort I could've transfered all necessary uploads/downloads from cell to computer to back again, but just... haven't. Stalling with the calling.

Before I was disconnected from the net and the world in general, reading Phantom comics and during the latter day having a considerably harmonious time compared to the feverish torment the night before...

I had something in my eye that kept me awake most of Sunday night, and then I was probably slightly food-poisoned, but as a follow-up on that: I managed to evade the illness. Oregano oil, that's the cure right there. I thought the reason for illment was bad eggs, but apparently it might've been the salad. They just had a radio broadcast on how salad enclosed in plastic packaging combined with eggs can have/gain/whatever staphylococci, so, that was probably it. Revitalized moral of the story: be wary of the salad! Don't know if it's a temporary batch with the bacteria or what...

Work's been fun, and the bike rides back and fourth pretty adventurous. Winter made a quick comeback this week, so I've been cycling in blizzard-like conditions a couple of times too. One day the weather was so intense I almost gave up and walked, the wind howling, sleet, rain and snow combined, hailing down upon me pushing me back as I dangerously strained that bike pedal that fell off last week, taking care at least to lean more on the handles if it'd slip again. The seat's been starting to sink too, so we bought a little clasp-type thing that'll hopefully keep it in place. Crappy bike: agreed.

I played some Dirt 3 earlier in the week, and I must say... I think I liked the older games better. Graphically it's awesome, but in terms of controls it's just... not as fun as it used to be! Not as simple! But back when I played Colin McRae 2.0 for the first time that felt like the most realistic driving experience I'd ever had; it's funny how time changes your perspective. Looking at graphics now I can imagine how games will continually keep improving and we'll always have that woah, they've done it now - it can't get better than this feeling when a new game comes out... I want to play some Oni right now, but I quell that impulse. I'm about to watch a part of a movie and consume my super-healthy breakfast , and then it's time for texting. I mean creative writing. I mean work. At least there's no way to get distracted when the net's cut off, in some strange way it's almost like a feeling of... relief!

Or maybe that's just my nose running like a mofo. Posted a bunch of music earlier this week btw, but the one with music from 2013 never made it for some reason... maybe soon! Also this, and don't forget Larry Griswold!!! And Internet's back btw, but there's no way I'll be able to finish my studies in time, or even stay awake till the deadline, looks like it'll the first one I miss this semester. Tis been a tiring but happy day. ;) Here's last week.

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