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Five Words, Three Lines

I write just five words
For each line except this one
But this one has five

The Secret

I don't see the... secret
It's hidden, it must be
Unless the secret's some thing
That we don't need to see

I don't see the... secret
Not even in my dreams
If I see it, I have seen
But if I don't, not in my dreams

Then what... what does it all mean?
If you figure it out you better keep it
A secret

Sneeze Sneeze

Sneeze sneeze
In bed please
And don't you dare
Go out

You run your nose
And shun your mouth
And stunned you are
As bundle clouds

So don't you dare go out!

But life's not bad
Aint life a route?
Sometimes it's sad
Sometimes it's clout

And sometimes rain
Falls from the clouds
So don't you dare
Go out

Favorite Music Videos 2011

One more year! I don't have a top ten though, I have a... nah flunk that, I expanded upon the listing, here's my probably musical preference post for that year that past.



School today was great
Wake up early - break up late
Stake out cross the town
No one's around, what's that I found?

A new parlor - pizza place!
A place I can spend my days
And stuff my face, stuff so great
I can't let it go to waste

Get it? In this world I'm in
When you dish out I'm the bin

My Concentration Is A Void

I mean I avoid concentrating.

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