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Soulful Solace

My mind is blank
I thank my soul
Cause soul is

Can inspire
And lead to

Yet a soul is
Not motivating
A soul is

I find
My solace
At whole is a bit

Random Thoughts On Tech

My Ctrl + P shortcut key to pause Foobar2000 overlaps with FireFox's open up private tab feature. Only Foobar2000 pauses when I have the program open. I wonder if this has any consequences...

Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + M in FireFox lets you see how a website looks in a mobile resolution. You can specify any resolution you like and that part will be cut out in a simple frame. Nice! It looks like this site could use a quick responsive renovation though. In fact, it looks like all my sites could use a renovation...

I'm changing my views about responsive design completely. At first I thought it was bullshit, but now I'm thinking it's actually pretty handy. Sites that automatically adapt to fit any potential resolution is the future. So... which resolutions are next? Which pixel quantities should we predict for when we design our sites?

Some sites have started designing sites that look good only on mobile resolutions. They use huge images and text and sort everything in a single column that on a large monitor just looks huuuuuge and takes waaaay too long to browse. It's not easy reading text when an entire paragraph is at least 48px (but they're probably using relative sizes and don't expect it to ever be that large).

Sites are getting blander and blander, and it's the abnormal gigantic social communities that are steering the way with their focus on intuitive and usability... paving the way like a way is paved, with concrete. Concretely? To a boring Internet. Things really have changed since the GeoCities era... though you can download a 900GB+ archive of it here (it's compressed). I haven't attempted it yet, because of bandwidth speed limits and not even a total internal drive size on 1TB. That's a... lot of space....

I stumbled upon this site yesterday - turns out it's been going since 1998! It just might be the oldest online webcomic I've ever read. How's that for missed out nostalgia?

Looking through Maddox old pages from 1998 (that's where I stumbled upon the ^), I get inspired. I can do anything with the site. Why OCD and force yourself to think a certain way? When I have an impulse, better just do it, make a change, have some fun instead of just constantly devising ways to revise old content and get everything in order.

Ever heard of Lego's digital designer? That's all.

In The Wake of Awakening

Did I wake to realization today?
The clouds were gray
And so I lay
Till way too late, in my cradle

Savoring life? Not quite the fable
I felt like a knife
Sharp pain in my head
That I label: ache

So I guess it's a break
From the painful yesterday
I do feel less
Stressed today

Even though I woke late
And have more stress to gain
Do I pay my respects
Or wait, again?

No post-it note on my table
I've one written already
Yesterday I wish I'd wrote it

I'm a big contemplater
Not such a debater
I serve myself
Don't need a waiter

Anti-malnutrition, I should thank my lisp
For getting me to underground king
But if I never practice how will I ever sing

I don't know what this is




Dedicated to my grandma, Maria Palmhed. RIP.


I've already written so much, for my grandma
I don't want to write this poem just for her
Cause the more I dwell the past, the more my eyes
Well at last, I feel like there is no more to say.


Tomorrow I may wake to realization
I may wake with the sunlight upon my face
And with this sudden light on contemplation
I will realize that life is changing fast

It changes every morning that we wake up
Every morning come to life may be the last
The future is in grasp and the past it has passed
Life is in the now so let us laugh


Let us cherish life in the moment
Remember all the moments that we've had
And let us not be silent, let us all be glad
If there's something to cry about

Do not pout! I have no doubt!
We will all take the higher route
Where there are no clouds upon our path

Hot Blood (1977)

Hot Blood (1977)

Turns out this is one of Chow Yun-Fat's first movies! He started his career the previous year, buuut... it must've taken a while before he became the Chow Yun-Fat we all know and love. In this one he was just... well he was normal. No flips, no somersaults, barely any aerial flight at all! I was a bit disappointed.

The movie is one of those traditional run-of-the-mill action movies that I think characterized the seventies, though I haven't seen a lot of them. The main two characters (Chow Yun-Fat included) are cops. One's good, and other's bad. They have a lot of clashes in their careers, though they help each other plenty, and eventually the bad one resigns. Shortly thereafter, the good one gets killed by a guy the bad one failed to catch. So the bad guy claims vengeance, poses for the camera, and all is awesome. Huh?

Maybe there aren't any loose-ends, but there's certainly a lack of character in that, right there, in the end, just before The End (remember when movies always had a The End at the end? Me neither) pops up and credits start rolling. The movie's mostly like a soap opera, with glimpses of romance and clumsy action scenes where people roll around in mud, run after each other or knock each other down, and on rare occasions: shoot. It's not that good a movie, but it's not that bad either. If you want to see Chow Yun-Fat's early works then... maybe there's something else? Decent watch.

 rated 2/5: decent

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