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Airplane! 2 - The Sequel (1980)

Airplane! 2 - The Sequel (1980)

Looks like they're taking off to space! Star Wars kind of intro.

The intro after that plays on the intro from the previous movie; 'the future' looks just like it used to... but some technologies have indeed been greatly improved, like the x-ray machine that shows boobs (ironic that's a reality now isn't it?). Meanwhile, an ET resembling stranger is trying to phone - but can't afford the interplanetary costs, old ladies get mugged and terrorists roam free, and Ted Striker is nowhere to be seen. No plane crashes into a waiting room this time, but as the intro text promises: the movie is destined for disaster. Be sure of that.

Oh, I mean the good kind, the hilariously roof-lifting mind-boggling blow-off laughter kind of type. Be sure of that.

A lot of the character from the former movie reappear in new places, but only Ted Striker's relocation is explained in great detail via elaborate flashbacks. In short: he was framed. He soon escapes from the mental institution to once again get on the same shuttle as Elaine and get her back.... and maybe save all the passengers aboard while he's at it. And maybe his mental illness is just a figment of his imagination after all? Though the more he starts believing it, the more sane the others start thinking he is. Also, Chuck Connors plays a sarge. Just saying.

The trip eventually takes them to the moon and back, and though it's an entertaining and (as usual) crazy voyage, it just doesn't have the same edge as the original. Many of the jokes are repeated until they're just not fun any longer; especially that thing about taking things literally. Like how when one character says "He's in the hospital" and the other answers "What is it?" and the first one responds with "It's a large facility designed to medicate patients, but that's not important right now..." and moves on to the actual task at hand. It was fun a few times, but in the long run all jokes lose their effect. Good movie, but though the intro started with good promise and pun, the rest doesn't have that much new to offer.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Airplane! (1980)

Airplane! (1980)

Is that a shark fin in the clouds? Hunting down prey? A shadowy scavenger of the skies? No... it's just a plane! An airplane!

That's how the movie starts, the 'official parody' of the Airport series, and from there on it gets crazy. Well, that's the scene it starts with. That text ^ I just made up. It starts with promise of bizarre and innovating comedy, and on that end it stays shark and delivers!

I like old comedies like this particularly in how they play with words, like on Captain's Oveur and Roger's first name. Over? Roger. And there's a Clarance in the background. The movie puts clever attention to simple puns, even if it some times goes a bit overboard with the all those drugs. And all those flashbacks! Too many flashbacks.

The parody seems loosely based mostly off of the second Airport movie, with references to the romance in the fourth, but not so much the first and third. Leslie Nielsen (the white-haired guy from the Naked Gun series) plays a doctor, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar plays himself (kinda), and I don't recognize anyone else, but they all fit their roles like Royces.

I could elaborate a lot on details regarding puns and parody specifics, but I'm thinking such aspects would be better left unrevealed if you plan on watching this. What you should know is: it's crazy, it's cheesy and traditionally excessive comedy at its best - before it really became too excessive. Difference between this and the newer variants? The jokes don't harm anyone, no matter how savage they get. And they joke about everything: religions, genders; touchy stereotypes alike. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Sweet Karma (2009)

Sweet Karma (2009)

So a mute Russian girl infiltrates Toronto's underground sex trade to avenge the death of her sister. Hmm. It's a bit like Kite, but less stylish, more emotional, with a cop popping up to save the day at the last moment rather than one first appearing as a knight in shining armor only to soon be revealed as corrupt and deceitful. It was gritty, dark, featuring visually appealing but not so livid actresses and a plot that ended up seeming borderline pointless. Not really my type of movie.

 rated 2/5: decent

Musicalish #44

Music. Yeah!


Post-Bowling Poem

I went bowling yesterday.
Have I got backbreak? Just a little.
Just a little sliver of pain down the left side when I bend.
We go bowling way too often in our dreams, our backs they soften it's so easy,
Then comes lifes and that guy beats me what a shame.

What's my name, where's my face,
In the mirror all is blank now, all is calm,
All is peaceful since I shut off the alarm, all is nice,
Nice and peaceful. I need to eat a plateful of musli and any fuels,
That is required that might get me through the day.

Life's a race, life's a rat race,
You run or sit and know you've sat days,
Spent your days just sitting in the shade when you could have faith,
And get up maybe get up maybe get up get up get up, maybe,
Maybe I can get up without backbreak today.

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