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It's Christmas

I'm just stopping by to say,
I have no poem for the day.

It's Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Merry X!


The collab this was made for is out, and I thought I'd share a bunch of snapshots of the process behind it. Merry (a few minutes early) Christmas! Hanukah! Holidays! Whatever it is that you celebrate! ;)


Does This Ever Happen To You?

Strange Stuff...

Started typing something before the computer had finished booting, and here's what happened. I didn't type any line more than once, and all in a different order than you see here - which the jumble or words and letters might show. I wonder what happens when this happens...

If I'm A Sky

Oh, so, holy flow! Christmas times are strolling fro! No, no, I don't know! What to write when days are cold!

I baked gingerbread cookies. Gingerbread men. Gingerbread reindeer and a gingerbread hen. Gingerbread stars cause I know that I'll go far some place and time just don't know where and when.

Sitting in a cellar, will you be my friend? Will you creep forth with a light like my pen. It smites demons - leaves them kicking and screaming and bleeding out in the trench, isolated like a guy who tries Zen.

The stars keep omens, but they're not telling. Some people say they know those omens: they're selling. They're sell outs now, sending themselves to crowds who just crow out doubt and run around and cry.

I'd see the real winter, if I'm a sky.


Maybe I'm running out of inspiration? Too much pressure on great creation as the year nears the end; we're all waiting with our fears so vacant there's nothing here but Satan deep in his lair vacation is all we spare to change. I can stare for days at this blaring binder, my cage, a reminder I don't dare to face the phases I've spent, so much time wasted that wasn't even with friends. And it's Christmas time but my Christmas rhyme isn't in right now, it's a risky time, put your chin up, cheer up, party till the year's up, if you graduate you'll go to uni now! I'm a few hairs away from a unibrow.

Went to my lessons got impressions but I wish that I was omnipresent. Wish I could spend time with all I had to time in sessions. Maybe the invention will come some day and we'll be like blimey, but I wanted that last year, life's so ironically timely. Ironically? Try satiric or whatever. I'm going off the level, pull the lever, gone from clever to forever and I know it's not sublimely done, if it just goes on while time it runs. Well what do I. *sigh* If I was a winter I could touch the sky, I chuckle with my gripe pipe and punch the light. Goodnight.

One Piece Film: Z (2012)

One Piece Film: Z (2012)

The 12th One Piece movie was just as awesome as the 10th one, if not even more so. These two movies have one thing in common: the fact that they are called films rather than movies. Oh, and also that Eiichiro Oda himself (the creator of the series, *) wrote the scripts for them, and partially directed them, and with his total freedom in immersing the movies within the main storyline made them not only so much more awesome but also so much more relevant than the rest.

The movie deals with the Neo Navy, an unofficial fraction of the Navy led by one of its former admirals: "Black Arm" Zephyr, Z, who's recently stolen a set of doomsday devices from the Navy and plans to use them to end the reign of piracy once and for all! He runs into Luffy & Co by accident, and things quickly get interesting. All the higher-ups of the Navy get involved. And Avril Lavigne made the credit covers! I wasn't expecting that. I liked the first track, but not sure the latter fit the mood. Apparently Avril is one of Oda's favorite artists, which explains the choice, but it still feels so strange hearing her voice in a One Piece movie!

The animation's great, as is the plot, the battles, the bashing, the personalities, the emotion, the simple and yet so rich and compelling backstory. Oda really knows how to weave together something simple to a real coat of arms, and legs, and a flurry of limbs as the showdowns commence! Great watch.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

The Vastless

Beyond the void of space and time, through both pain and grace sublime, lie the hearths of tasteless slime, below the Earth in raging shine.

No wait...

A haven of innovation this is, brimming with talonfuls of the most talented tale-tellers and tattletales, crafty craftsmanship and crazy creativity!

Noo, wait a min...

I am me! Miami be damned if you don't let me go get the dope yet new hope you won't forget,
Don't forfeit no wars mate it's peace but only four plates so fight for them, only the fortunate get four ace(s).

Just a second...

The sun is shining and the rain is pouring down, green leaves glowing luminously under a darkening sky with a sun still peeking down through the shallow blue. Sweet smell of dust flushed away, drifting in through a little open window, memories of a faded dream.

It's no use, why finish, why fight? I can't write, eighteen minutes to mid night.

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