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Straw Hat Chase (2011)

So... I'm finally catching up with old One Piece movies! Well, they're new to me. I was just recently made aware of their existence and thus I had to see them, and this in the exciting wake of a potential 13th movie celebrating fifteen years of the series (if they'd made one each year these latest two years it'd have been the 15th too)! But anyway, here goes the first one of my short reviews for the two: the 11th movie.. Also, beware of major spoilers with no latter notice. Warning! Spoilers. Warning!

A Rare Glimpse At The Library!


Musicalish #46

Music. Yeah!


First They Ignore You...

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Legend Of Korra END

Legend Of Korra END

Just in time for Christmas, one of only three anime's I still follow ends! It ended with a bang, and just a little bit too abruptly. I was wondering how they'd be able to tie up all relations in just two remaining episodes, and as it went I'm not sure they really did.

It was good; the whole series was a blast, but looking back at it I can't help feel like the entire series of events was needlessly rushed. And not just because I caught up to the first three seasons at a pace of less than two days a piece. It jumps right into the action from the very first episode, and that's how it keeps on rolling. It's captivating, personal; inspiring, but also a little too jumpy. Just a little too fast-paced. Just a little sad that it's all over, maybe, even if they do tie up all the loose ends.

Well, except that Korra is still the last one of her lineage. She has eternally severed her ties with all previous avatars, and if she dies there might not be anyone left in the world to tell the tale of Wan - the first avatar! How's that for a cliffhanger? She has no family or fiancée or even boyfriend, despite all the series previously (and now seemingly unnecessary) relation drama, and most of the key figures in the series don't have much of a say at the end. I'd have liked some wise words from her Grandma. Or how about some air bender enlightenment. Or what about the president, Bolin & Co and old friends and enemies alike?

The final battle, somewhat unlike the battles of previous seasons, seems to gather momentum first in the final episodes, and it ends with but a fraction of the war we expected. It both looks feels like there was more to be told, but this is it, it's the end, and for the record: it ends well.

Week 51 - Week 51!!!

Just a moment ago I was waiting for summer, then it was summer, then I was back at work, and now it's suddenly the second to last week of the year!! What have I done?

This week? Christmas shopping! A little snooping around the Internet. No work - both days were canceled - but plenty of other work to make up for lost time, and some site work, like the finally fully overhauled movie list with mini-ratings and updated tags! And we had snow! The first snow this winter, even if it only lasted two days. And sunshine since then, even if it only a couple of hours/day.

Apart from present pondering, packing and posting, we've also been to 'Little Christmas', a traditional pre-preperations party. Every year, on the last Saturday before official Christmas, we gather together at a relatively nearby neighboring relative's residence and celebrate the season, bring one present per person (all purchased at a specified price), mix them around in a bag and randomly hand them out. I attained a box of Geisha chocolates I have since then obsessively stuffed myself with, and gave another (bigger) box in exchange.

There are games; song; socializing; I was forced upon myself the role of elf/pixie/whatever you call those little Santa helpers (?) handing out presents. That was yesterday, and fun, despite the aforementioned task. Today I went for a ride, for a walk and for a round of home-made Chinese food (deep-fried bananas, amongst other interesting edibles) and games with a good buddy.

Btw, do you remember Numa Numa? All Your Base? Liero? How about Wimp, the one and only simple no-nonsense source of viral videos back in the day there was no YT? Apart from NG, of course. I get nostalgic at the end of all years. Also speaking of NG, here's a recent Tom Fulp interview.

On the blog I've posted 6 reviews, an old post, a new post and some music. Been hoping I'll get through all unposted drafts before the new year - start fresh - but there's still a few tens of thousands of characters waiting to begone, so that might be a bit too optimistic... considering Christmas is soon officially upon us and the time to get off the Internet and spend time with the family nigh. The time of signing cards is done. It's time for packing presents and dining by a fine pine and thinking up laborious resolutions for the New Year. Whatever happened to just having a peaceful vacation, relaxing and enjoying the snowy silence of a few sunny days?

If I don't post in a while: have a good one! ;)

The Equalizer (2014)

The Equalizer (2014)

It might seem dull at first. It might seem peaceful. Ordinary. Routine. Denzel Washington is a regular anybody, pedantic, sleepless, working a reguar 9-5 job in a store for construction equipment. He helps out. People like him. He doesn't make a lasting impression.

That all changes when Alina ends up in the hospital. He waltzes into the office of a Russian mob man and asks to buy her freedom, but freedom is one of those things you just can't buy. Just like peace. Just like all the important things in life. He gives his opponents a fair chance. He never touches a gun. He re-visits his parents, who thought he was dead for a long time. So... who is this mysterious stranger, really? It's better we don't know. The mystery is part of his presence, as is the case with his Russian counterpart; nemesis.

There's a lot of presence in this movie. After watching plenty of B-movie action, good actors stand out, good filmography, balance between light and dark, creative action but more so dialog that builds up the suspense. Presence. Professionalism. Good watch, and Eminem's heavily spammed Guts Over Fear (on YouTube, pre-release) fades in as the credits roll.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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