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Barbarian Queen (1985)

Barbarian Queen (1985)

Oh look, no pant(ie)s ^.

There are B-Movies and there are C-Movies, and there are B-you-should-see movies, and then there are Z movies. And then... well let's end it there. This one lands somewhere between the firstly mentioned two... possibly with the third. If I judged by cover it'd get an A+ - it's a painting too - but as far as the movie goes...

It's a story of war, set during the Roman Empire, a massacre that starts during a village wedding. Three women escape, lead a resistence and overthrow the rulers to create a time of peace and harmony!

If you don't mind crappy fighting that is very very obviously staged, bad acting and a script full of castle and cliché... by all means, go ahead and watch. The only thing that lifts up the score a margin are all the beautiful babes involved in battle, and no doubt that's the point. I probably won't ever watch this again, but it did deliver a decent dose of visually appealing albeit highly predictable old-school entertainment. I won't be a barbarian, it gets a...

 rated 2/5: decent

Week 8 - I Ate The Weak

Another one of those fast weeks! Feeling tired when I wake like I lack sleep. Inspired by the plays of my last beat. Hoping I don't place last in this fast street - this fast lane - like Max Payne. Well I wrote a few reviews (16 if you're wondering), one a bit different, posted some Strange music, posted something yesterday when I was stuck on a line aaaaand that's about it.

I've been busy with studies and stuff. Added new rating images to the site (previously there was no imagery for such things, just text - woot woot). But that's as far as progress goes as far as the eternal CDB renovation is concerned!

I had a blasting headache on Monday, and since then I've just felt overall tired and weak, but I feed on that weakness and come out strong!! I'd like to say. Guess it's that transition period between winter and spring, when the air's dusty, the sun's waking up but not really warm, the air's damp and cold and yet your jacket's too sweaty, and the windows ajar at night but not too much cause you're still used to cold nights so the room's stuffy when you get up. It's that phase of passing before you start waking up and springing forth to meet the sunshine!

Or maybe it's just a whole lotta tension on my part. Grandma's funeral is nearing; we'll all be flying up to attend at the end of the month. I'm looking around for a dark overcoat, probably going to buy some new shoes later today, and I can barely remember how to tie a tie. I'll be one of the pallbearers too, an honorable task but something I'm a bit nervous about. I mean what if I trip or slip and fall flat on my face; bring the rest of the crew with me? What if my nose refuses to stop running while we all waltz out with our bright white gloves; pressed suit and casket raised high? I don't even want to think about the worst case scenario...

But anyway, that's nearing; though I'm not really looking forward to flying up, or sleeping on the couch or floor in the living room in Grandma's for-the-occasion crowded (but still probably very empty) house, or sitting in church and mingling with strangers and relatives alike... I am looking forward to saying farewell, on getting closure. And though I say this now it will probably be fun to meet up with everyone again; see how everyone's doing. Funerals are just not the funnest occasion for it... funerals are just not fun occasions. RIP Grandma...

Here's last week.

I Will, I'm Hyped

I really am hyped
I'm herein tonight
My lair with a light
Impairing my sight
Too dim to be bright
It's eerie and quiet
But hear if you may-
Today if you might

I say in delight
Instilled in my will
Is care to take flight
Yet scared I am still
Prepared for my plight
Tomorrow, my thrill
I'm writing exciting
My fear is my skill

I will

Stuck On A Line

So it's that time of the week again, huh? With a deadline nearing and a lack of incentive at meeting it. Well there's plenty of incentive here, there's grades at stake, a future career at stake... maybe there's too much incentive? I am stuck.

It all starts with a single line:

The water hit his skin like a plank, and Cain could already feel it bruising.

Can Cain already feel the skin bruising when he's just hit the water? And does it refer to the water or to his skin? Which is the subject; which is the object... and more importantly, how can that be clarified without adding any superfluous wording to that one phrase? It's such a simple thing, but it's also the start of a story, and the start of the story is one of the most important parts of the story to get right. So I am stuck on this very first line of writing. Stuck in the stage of revising. stuck like an iceman. My inspiration seems plucked from my mind like a schmuck chucking icing.

Maybe I'll skip that first line, move onto the next issue... countless. What could I say instead of countless? Very many? Unmeasurable... feet trampling the ground?

It's so easy to start writing something, to write a first revision. But when that's done, some parts just feel impossible to change. It's like I'm locked in on my initial route, subconsciously set on doing everything exactly how I'd planned it from the very beginning, though it wasn't even planned. Guess these are just things you have to deal with as a writer huh? Getting stuck on a line.

Life's A Beat

I am tired
Life is sweat
I perspire

Life is sweet
You're a lier
Life's a beat
I am deaf

Beating myself with life till
There is none left

Walk The Road

I am heading somewhere now
But where will I go?
I don't know, tell me how
Tell me tell me no
Tell me, yes - tell me no
Tell me not to go alone
Walk the road, all I know
Walk the road until I'm home
On my own

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