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Bad Eggs

I'm feeling a bit ill
A meal I ate was chilling
If I could take a pill
To rid this feel I'm willing

But there's no pill to take
It aint a piece of cake
I know I won't eat eggs
The next lunch break I make

Favorite Music Videos 2012

So for no reason at all I rinsed through my YT favorites and gathered together a very biased and impulsive top 10 from the year before the past year. Let's start off with...


Musicalish #3

Bunch of good music.


Larry Griswold

The days before the days before my days. I'm amazed.

Something In My Eye, Something In My Gut Tells Me...

...I'm gonna be sick.

I'm sitting by the box again, newly returned from a short day at work, and I don't feel too good. I started feeling this way right after I'd eaten a delicious wrap with salad, cucumber, shrimps/etc (what we call 'skagenröra') and... eggs - during my first lunch break. Moral of the story: never eat anything with eggs in it, least not unless you know for certain it's fresh. I think I've learned this before but over the course of time (a delicious main course, I should add) I must've stopped caring. Maybe that care will stick this time around. I went outside to get some fresh air, and that helped, but once back indoors the feeling crept back again. The time was nearing two, and I was relieved to know, at least, that the time to go home was coming up! But whaddayaknow, that time was postponed by about an hour and a half. HOLY SHIT.

So, during my second potential lunch break I went out for a longer walk, and stopped by the same place I'd bought the wrap to get a cup of dark black tea (not quite as dark as I wanted, but any black tea is better than no black tea). That helped... a little. I saved some of it in an empty water bottle to sip on all the way home; hopefully make it back without incident. And I did. The cab ride was incredibly long and nervous, but the bike ride that followed wasn't bad at all. Have you ever thought about how exercise seems to postpone nausea? Maybe endorphins combat, or maybe it's the air, or the adrenaline... either way you should definitely go jogging when you feel sick. Not for real. Moving on...

I am now sitting here, home sweet home, and once again sipping on a cup of strong black tea, hoping the system does what it's gotta do without doing it the wrong way, ya know. It's been an interesting day.

On another note, I had something in my eye yesterday, and the night before that. I assume it was a particle of dust or sand that made its way onto my eye globe and stayed there for... who knows how long. Feeling like there's something in your eye every time you close your eyes is a pretty tiring sensation, so the week started with a little sleep deprivation and a day of escalation until suddenly, this morning... I didn't feel that scathing itch any longer. Woo! Yeah! A short-lived moment of relief until the next thing comes along! :D Life.

Week 11 - Work

It's been one of those hasty weeks again!

I started a part-time job this week, and cycled to it on Tuesday (that was just the paper-signing event though, on which a pedal fell off the bike on the way back while I was leaning to the side the pedal was on in the middle of a curve) Wednesday (actually I had a lift on that day, hadn't fixed the pedal yet either, just patched up my knee) and Thursday (pedal seems to be holding, but I'm looking to buy a better bike, one with pedals that don't fall off and maybe... gears), and from now on it'll be Monday (on which it snowed hellishly and I almost gave up and walked - in case I forget to mention that later on), Tuesday (today woot) and Thursday (that's the longer day, Mon/Tue are just a few hours) every week.

It's a good job, not bad, not bad at all. Not well-paid but not troublesome or boring either... at least not yet. On Tuesday I was doubtful about it all, as I usually am with stuff like this, on Wednesday I was melancholy and tired cause for some reason I've been waking up a couple of hours before my alarm clock, and on Thursday... I felt great! I've spent way too much time preparing and reading up on things like contracts and taxes, and my employer didn't give me the most detailed specifics on what I'd be doing or how I should be doing it, or what I should do if this or that happens and what I shouldn't do or what people normally take for granted. But it's all good... now. I think I might be getting free lunches too.

With a job on the side I've been feeling much more efficient than I usually feel, doing other tasks at a pace I'm not used to. I thought I'd be procrastinating like usual. What happened? Can it be them bike-rides? The unexpectedly stimulating social interaction I am still new to after mostly being holed up at home freelancing? Or a boost in efficiency because earning money feels like a continual accomplishment (not that I was entirely broke before, but this is an appreciated boost)? Maybe it's just an initial phase of excitement that'll pass, though. I'll keep you posted on thse exciting developments! :P

I spent Friday and Saturday working on the graphics for a game that was supposed to be released yesterday but never made it on time. Not due to me, but due to the programmer bailing out last second (which probably had something to do with me not finishing the gfx until last second), but most of the visual artistry is now done, we're looking around for a new programmer and hoping to have it published before the week ends. And if that fails, it might turn into an entry for this years Stencyl Jam on NG (there be prizes in the pot yo).

On Sunday I played Minigolf with a buddy and then stayed up till midnight working on mah studies.

And thus this weekly summary's been a bit delayed, along with a couple of other things I'll hopefully have the time to fix up soon. I wrote five movie reviews this week, and posted this, and our neighbor Olav died. :( RIP. Overall it's been a fast and eventful week and that's... all I have to say. I realize that if I'd posted this a while back I'd probably have more to say about some of the experiences from these seven days past, but that's the way with time, if you don't document it directly the potential emotion linked to certain experiences fade away into routine and history. About to embark on my fourth 'day' o' work today (did I mention it's part-time? I start at 12). It's all good. And here's something slightly relevant..

Actually I like to work. I want to work. I want to have work I'm so passionate about I'd rather be working than dreaming!! Thus the 'slightly-relevant'. Good music though.

Here's last week.

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