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Week 17 - Shitty Seagulls

I just posted something about Star Day, I wrote a quote, a quick note on how to change canvas limitations on Fireworks and about a bee. Overall a surprisingly varied array of topics in this short segment of time - but no movie reviews. But I have watched movies.

It's been another sunny week, regular work just one day, and the 26th was both Star and Pico Day over at NG. I spent the 22nd working together a quick contribution for the grand Pico Collab of 2014, and most of Saturday working up last minute pixel graphics (borrowed a sprite from that for the collab) for the Pico Day Beatdown game that was supposed to be released that same day... but due to unforeseen circumstances has been pushed into a distant future. I managed to fix my part on time, but the programming bit still remains and the programmers up for the job run into issues one after the other. I set up a live stream recording of the final NG Office live stream ever (they're selling the office soon) the same day, and managed to snap up around six hours before tired eyes forced me away from the screen. Damn timezones. But it was a great day! Happy Pico Day!!

Happy Pico Day 2014

I started with late nights this week, playing my way onwards through Dead Island, but then, all of a sudden... my save file corrupted! When I was up at past 80% progress!! GODDAMMIT! I started on a new character, but that kinda took away a little interest in that game... picked up Resident Evil Revelations instead, and so far it's been groovy; each cutscene like a movie, the old setting back and brewing combined with action: crawling, moving... through the walls. I love RE; don't we all? The corruption issue with Dead Island btw was apparantely due to me hoarding too many items, maybe too many of a certain item. It's a well-known bug, but for a game like this it's fatal. It's a game where you want to collect a lot of stuff. It's a post-apocalyptic zombie world so that kinda goes without saying, and if it doesn't go without saying, maybe they should impose some limits rather than letting excessive (also very time-consuming) habits crash the game. Just saying. Real bummer.

But back to speak of the week: day's have been sunny; cool, I spent Monday with a buddy, and that's... what else? Studies, work, work... work? Time flies! Also: a shitty seagull shit on my arm one day, when I was sitting peacefully on a bench by the quay studying. A real big blotch of seagull shit just suddenly splattered down from the skies, splashed on my arm; stained my shirt. Since then I've started seeking new locations to sit, places preferably at a safe distant from these disrespectful wide-winged critters.

Here's last week.

My Human Cave

It's a new day!
Rise and prove fate!
Is a huge step!
In a new way!
It's a new shade!
Not just brooding gray
I'm doodling today
Instead of brooding grave
Like a I'm a starving spirit
In my human cave

When Will I Be Reborn

If I don't even take the time to write
Then I might
End up writing things I do not like
At times I
Sit up late and type in riled delight
But now I
Sit and stall and falter, and fall to
The water

If I don't even take the time to try
I know I
Will look back at my writing and realize
It's so vile
That it was all just a waste of time
And no smile
Will play upon my face, for days and days and days
And so I:

Will try to make my writing to my plight
And no mile
Is too long or short for my to strive
And no mount
Is to high a dwarf like me to climb
And no I
Won't do this just for you, or write a new haiku

I'll do this to be free
And see the dream in me
And someday you will see
It too

Someday when I prove
I'm true

Someday when I pursue
My view

Someday when the moon
Is huge

Someday when I resume
My dues

Consume my doubt, and fume my blues
And heal my bruise, and skew my mood

And all of this will take, just a while
Tomorrow I will wake up with a smile

A Prediction

I predict
The end

Just Going To Post This...

...and I'll be motivated. Later.

Happy Pico Day Poem

So yesterday was Pico Day!
And it was amazing
I didn't see a thing
I just saw some peoples faces

I've captured up a stream
Just a little segment gone
This little stream it seems
About fifteen hours long

Nah I'm kidding it's just five
Should I watch and feel alive?
Or save it for a day, far away
Some other time...

I think I'll let it upload
And on Youtube grow it old
And in few years go back
And crack another laugh

Happy Pico Day!

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