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Two Stations Between

Wrote this one on the train earlier today. Yeah.


The train rails glimmer
Glimmer in the sunstand.
We breeze by quickly,
At stations slow down.

The tail grows thinner,
We linger on the runway,
People off - people on.
Noone can slow us down

And as I sit here, I thought to write a poem,
Then I remembered I'd none written for today.
So as the train rolls to who knows where, who knows when
I think I'll let my keys and fingers play.

Write a little something as I train.

Week 26 - Doin' Stuff

So I watched one more anime episode after all, Hunter X Hunter episode 135. And I thought One Piece was heartfelt... this series might move past my all-time favorite if it keeps going like this! Intense. And shit, I watched the last episode of One Piece too, which turned out another suitable place to end so that was OK. Good thing there was no Naruto this week though or I'd have probably watched that as well. Vacation's coming up though, so soon these addictions will begone again!

In other news: the week has been busy. Two work days, though one was canceled last-minute. Took a trip to the city on Wednesday, ate a huge pizza, had a good time. Took another trip in on Friday, to a Fish spa (it was a gift!) and another restaurant, passed by my cousins place to fetch leftover food just before they rode up North. I'm usually way ahead of them, but this year's twisted. Took a long walk with a buddy this Saturday, and between these bouts of unusual high-level recreation I've been sorting files like crazy, posting old shit and hoping to get things sorted and old projects finished before I leave. As always it feels like I've been leaving way too much till last second. Why don't I ever start with stuff like this in good time?! Or do I actually have more time to focus on these things now that work and studies are both done for this semester...? Either way, what I don't finish now I'ma finish as soon as I get back. And if I don't need to do it, there's no harm in abandoning old projects, life is priorities, no need to keep and do everything. I need to tell myself that more often.

This week I've posted 11 movie reviews, 8 batches of game screenshots that have been lying around forever, an old TM2 review, a few old artworks, an old Maxthon Test, another Musicalish and a bit about GOG and Unity.

Next week... there will be no weekly post, probably, cause I probably won't be visiting a public computer that soon. I'll post something before I leave though, and hope most of the tasks I've set out for myself before then are accomplished. Even if they aren't, I know everything will be quickly forgotten as soon as the plane hits the sky. Just three days left now! Here's last week.

Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

I read a review praising this movie as the best movie as the year, or maybe ever - as a masterpiece, as an accomplishment surpassing all of the director's previous accomplishments combined. Needless to stay I watched it a moderate dosage of doubt, because when can a movie ever be that great, right? Especially when it's being reviewed by someone who can't see movies like Machete for the creative masterpieces they are, or any form of action as even entertaining, in what seems to be a search for stories about people, about dialog rather than action, about spontaneous outbursts of nonsense and surprise speeches amidst a rabid plot about a broker, a guy turned broker, a regular guy in search for riches who gets the riches he wants to get. He gets rich. He gets filthy. He gets addicted, a huge fanbase and following and provides the viewer an insight into the crazed Wallstreet world that may make the viewer think a second time about buying that next batch of stock even when the seller makes it seem like such a sublime scheme of get-rich-quick.

There's drugs, there's profanity, there's a surplus of beautiful women and nudity that makes the average life seem strangely tame, but in the end... it is tame. This crazy life is but a burst of craze, a comical spurt, a dream, a hope that reaches a bit too high into the open blue (skies) and soon comes crashing down. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the main man, together with (I'm surprised, but they seem to be a good combo) Jonah Hill, and don't forget Margot Robbie. It really was a mad movie, a feast, a fast-paced roller coaster through financial orgies and long nights. Work and family are balanced on a thin edge, and you never know when one might come falling down. It was good, great even - can't argue with that, but I'm expecting to be similarly hyped up by at least a few other movies this year.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Dredd (2012)

Dredd (2012)

I thought I'd posted about this movie already. I mentioned it in reference to Raid Redemption (2011), as I have no doubt the scenario in this one is heavily inspired by the former, even if they differ greatly otherwise. I just watched it again, and as I hadn't reviewed it earlier I suppose I'll do so now.

It's beautiful. With the excuse of a newly invented drug that slows down time they show glimpses of brief moments in their euphoric and slowed down state - water spraying, sparkling, twinkling in intricate patterns as it falls - ligaments getting torn in a burst of bright, shining, blood as a bullet tears a hole through a torso, or streams through a jaw - a hundred story fall slowed down to a minute - the sparks of an explosion singling through the air as a million little flares of dust. The slow motion effects are few and far between, and mostly at the start of the movie, but they are a real eye catcher, each one adding an element of beauty regardless of what scene is portrayed, regardless of how violent or macabre it is.

But it's not just the slow-mo that makes this movie great, it's the plot and the punch that it delivers, simple in its foundation but flawless in its detail. There's been a Judge Dredd movie before, starring Sylvester Stallone as a tough buff 80s action hero, but now with Karl Urban, Dredd is suddenly sleek and mean, and he doesn't remove his mask a single time. He is synonymous with justice: he is an icon, a symbol of leadership and perseverance. As his partner and trainee he has the comparatively timid and careful Anderson, a psychic without a mask, as it may - she suitably explains as they are about to bust through a door into a den of criminal activity way more serious then they at this point imagine - interfere with her powers.

Amidst both styled and unstyled violence (but all equally stylish), there are rare flashes of psychic ability, occasional bartering for survival, punchlines and stealth. But there's really nothing unnecessary with this movie. The main character's priorities change over the course of the film, but from the start there is little left unsaid, and yet there is often little need for words. Dredd isn't really the talkative type, but neither are most characters, there's no need for a surplus of speech, it's action from start to finish. Mostly.

There's a building block (ironically named 'Peach Trees') packed with killing intent and a drug operation soon to sweep over the city, that our heroes unknowingly waltz right into. That's how it all starts, and from there on it gets interesting. There's been talk of a Dredd sequel, and I hope it turns to more than talk! Like this movie, it should be all about action. Fingers crossed.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


2012 (2009)

2012 (2009)

This is the story of the apocalypse, of when the world ends and all is over, and about one man (plus family)'s eventful attempt at reaching one of a set of hellishly expensive arcs constructed to cater to the survivors of the world as it's - after earthquakes and eruptions - drenched in water, in the final flood.

I'm usually not that big a fan of John Cusack, because of his being - I guess - so normal, but this is one movie he did a good job with. Maybe I just haven't seen enough of them. The scene where the plane flies off as the runway divulges into Earth, a crevice consuming airstrips, jumbo jets and even entire cityscapes... that was pretty pompous. All of the apocalyptic scenery the movie portrays was pretty pompous! And there was nothing wrong the acting; intensity either. It's a movie by the same dudes who made 'Day After Tomorrow'. This time it's a flood rather than a freeze,. but it's equally intense and apocalyptic. Good watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

300 (2006)

300 (2006)

Seems like I haven't reviewed the predecessor to 300 - Rise Of An Empire yet, so I will do so now. This is the story of a group of 300 men, who against all odds stand their ground against the legions of Xerxes, and in the final battle show him that he might not be a god after all. For what god's blood flows red? It's an inspiring tale full of bloodstained battlefields, treason, and a fight against overpowering odds that becomes more than just a movie: it becomes a legend.

One interesting thing with this movie is that everything, apart from characters and props, is CGI. There's no real blood. There's no real scenery. And it's one grand exception in how I usually believe even red paint is better than fake blood, and even B-movies often outshine commercial blockbusters like Next or Daredevil because of particularly crappy CGI. Yet this is different. The massacre is masterfully composed, and they really bring the honor into the fight, that spirit, the pride of facing death without fear. Is it Madness? No, it's their code, their way of life; the way of the warrior. The way of Sparta. 300 was an inspiring and violent watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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