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Times Of July

The last day
They go fast
I pass shade
I go laps

This time lapse
This time laps
The time is over
It overlaps

My time's slim
My time's fast
My time zings
In my tracks

But I'll win
Well I'll try
I do my time
I get Bye. July.


And... it's August!! Soon...

I'm way overdue with these poems online. But on the day to day, line to paper time, it goes fine. I'll catch up!!

July Passes

Maybe summer's done! All that summer fun and sun in tons. The rain drums on the tin roof, the wind spins through the window like winds do, and I see the last of light last till night. July passed me by, and I'm in town to type some lines today, a passerbye. Till next week! Kangos!

Biteful O-Existence Behind A Barstool

The poem of the day has such a fine mind,
It almost runs away still it's all I find.
A peek into my soul - a seeking of control,
Do I see - or am I blind?
A poem is a time of hope and promise.
A poem is a time to cope and be honest.
And each line is more than a metaphor
Each line is a score, a bet, a war! A spore.
Each time I read each line new threats emerge,
New steps to fend off an impending purge.
Each line is a queue and a cue and I too,
Lurch to the steepend as if I lept to birth!
Life crept up on me like a gnarly tree,
Gnarly Bark blares out on the radio - the world's crazy.
But I'm far from stuck, I'm perched like a shark-
Must be, swimming only in salt water of the sea
I see the people evily, I sleep and feel.
My meal's my mind and all that's real, a peaceful reef
We seethe our sheets and tweak the beat
Wake up with the musique in our minds and feel.
And breathe. Cause you only live once.

And then you leave.


Sun shines again-
Thunderclouds linger in the sky.
They pass us by.
I wonder why and where and when.

In my afterlife-
I light a pathlit find.
I struggle in delight and my stride-
Like an aquadite.

I see the world in the shadow.
Get ready for battle.
See the world in the sun.
Get ready for fun!

The sun shines again-
My friend, the sun, it sends,
Us rays, arrays, of summer.
Of sense, of wonder,

Of ends we cannot comprehend

28 Days Later...

28 days later...
I'm still scribbling in my notepad.
I feel I've written my best yet.
I wonder if inspiration will return-
When I return.
Though this is my real home.
The weather's worse now.
I'm still as the wind is still.
Humidity has loosened the tape-
On my windowsill.
I spill my soul as I try to contain it,
I like life and still I complain bits,
I am naive but still I seem tainted,
I pour milk on my plate and wait-
And it goes sour.
This is my first not my final hour.
I ate breakfast now I gather power.
To use today to my advantage,
My back hurts but it can't use a bandage-
I banned zits.
The last one disappeared the week past.
If I don't take breaks there is no trouble.
If I don't shave then I get no stubble.
If I don't chew gum I break no bubble-
I forsake no other.
Pass time as much as bubblechewing.
Even when I chew bubblegum I do things.
Even when the world is sleeping it won't stop spinning.
I'm out swimming, walking, thinking that summer-
Is still only beginning.

Week 29 & 30 - Suntons

These past two weeks have been intense: a blazing summer sun sizzling on the rooftops every morning; more swims in the lake than I can count. I've spent a couple of days with a buddy, and three days partying hard during the celebratory series of days when my mom turned 70 years old (Happy Birthday!). First day we celebrated within the family, swapped presents and savored an imaginary cake baked for the next day; the following two days guests came pouring in with an abundance of gratitutable gifts and high spirits... and ate a total of three pies, three cakes, one large (and hellishly expensive) smörgåstårta (a sandwhich cake - translation nae available) and mounds of watermelon, ice cream and sallad. Twas a blast! My sister flew up for the occasion as well; stayed a week.

In other news the plantations are flourishing, and for once we have more salad than we can possibly eat ourselves - or even give away. Ditto with strawberries, they're flowing into the freezer at a scary pace, even though we eat mounds both for breakfast and desert. Berries are ripening in the woods too, and we're leaving for Kangos later this week. The public computer in the library is booked all the time, thunder; lightning struck down a few times and passed by drearily near - short rain sessions on the storm's tail, but otherwise it's still as steamy and sunblazed a day(s) as ever. And that's all I have time to type today. Have a contunually awesome session of summer days and here's last week.

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