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Summer's Glory

In the dark of the room I settle in and begin
With the shade on my face and the blind slightly raised
To embark on a new queue of all but haiku
The verses I chase both diverse and of taste
My inks runs in blue from my mind and my view
I think and ensue my thoughts do on my pad
Rad maybe fad lately tad crazy - but passive
I sit massive, yes it's true that I grew.

The summer came in like a wind in bloom
My blinds sit thin in my timbered room
They darken the room - a fly buzzes
The sun's snug on the rug - on the carpet swoons
The shadows of June and a verdant July
Where if not every day was like this - we'de be bright
And look up with delight at the sky and the shine
And feel - and breathe in - the appeal

Of summertime.


Yes it's another steamy day out here, 30C in the shade - like made for a lunch break and a swim in the lake, and a glass of lemonade! Fin.

The Night Passed

I woke up at three, with a sore throat.
Took some homeopathic pills.
I couldn't sleep until I woke up.
The heat was overkill.
I feel OK - but should I rest up?
Or go super! Overboard!
Even when Ma was awake - she snored.
I heard music, in the distance,
Could it be from Flakasand?
All the outlaws from the old days
Are outdated or outgunned.
All the forests have been cut down
All the deserts uilt for games.
The wild the wild the wild west - is tamed.
I tossed and turned - somewhat sleepless
Couldn't tell thoughts from dreams.
If I'd have heard screams I wouldn't have run out.
My dreams don't seem so fun now.
Illusions that sparkled seem run down.
But there can only be one king.
And I wear only one crown...
The night passed, to a new day
A smirk lurks, on a cool face
In a quite calm, but a cruel place
And we do move, at a new pace.
In our canoes or boots or shoelace,
Our teeth turned white by toothpaste,
The savory victories we do taste,
Form our buds, we crave for more.
We don't want to be a vacant bore.
Forsake lore or taken by the tides of time.
We want to be: Sublime.

To Think

To think,
These poems have become.
More diary than rhyme.
I pioneer the pun.
My dynasty will come.
I'm high on life and run.
My manuscript's begin.
My give-a-shit is on.
I want to change the world.

To think,
The masses truly don't.
They hide within the slime.
And I am overcome.
That dumbness carries on.
But everything is fun.
I don't suppose a dawn.
Is right around a a corner.
But still I carry on -

To think,
And life is what I wish.
Till I seize to exist.
I'm high on tides of bliss.
And my right arm is strong.
I draw skin with crayon.
I tattoo arcs with markers.
More ink than they can harbour.
And I will never stop -

To think.

Out Of This World

It's time for party - it's party time!
To start it hard and chart party rhyme!
Start the party plane and go insane!
And part with plain and depart to something...

Out of this world.
Out of this galaxy.
Out of this universe.
Out of this Earth. (extraordinary)

But we already partied yesterday-
We sat with tea and presents on our tray -
We sat in a session by the ta-ble
Watching the wrapping rip onto dismay, to something...

Out of this world.
Out of this galaxy.
Out of this universe.
Out of this Earth. (extraordinary)

So I don't really have too much to say.
All I have to do I'll say in due - time.
Time is running fine, and outside the sun is shine-ing,
Lining out the sings for heavy rain.

Out of this world...

Amidst Preperations

Time is in, time is out!
I made a deal - I climbed the mount
I saw the fountain - heard the count
Stirred the Count and heard a sound

We're all night critters - sleep at night
Smell the sweat and dream a sight
Life is sweet when all is right
Never give without a fight

I know my story's not the best
I know my glory's put to test
And though I write a million songs
When I speak - the words go wrong

Recently I spoke by phone
To an old friend I have known
And I spoke words of stone
Though I meant them soft like Scones

Maybe I'm not getting enough melotone...
Maybe I need to practice more... but it's all for -
The allseeing halls - hawkeyed gawkings
Shamed like the dead I keep on walking.

I'm Up! I'm On! And Stuff!

Suddenly I'm up! I'm out! Again!
Time runs away! My legs are heavy and strained.
My head is tense
Ten lines in the garden. Tens.
Mowin grass. Raking grass. Tying up loose ends.
In strawberry protection net - bird free zone.
I stir tea at home by the birch tree - my zone.
Far from virtual and nurtured and inadvertantly alone.
Verdant merdants grown. Don't know what Merdant means.
It sounded clean. Maybe meadows is what I mean...

My sister's here to visit and though we're not alike.
I like this time and I hope time is liked alike.
She came here wth her presents packed inside the bag
Without ribbons - but even ribbonless tey were rad.

Suddenly I'm up! I'm in! Upstairs.
It's been a hairy day and now my head has cleared.
Now I can escape the days strain and rush
And draw a card for mom, and pack some stuff...
And write a poem too, and pack some stuff...
And since she told us she has too much
I lack some stuff.

I'm up! I'm on! Again!

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