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Sometimes Waiting

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting...
Nobody wants to call. Nobody wants to call.
I'm waiting. I'm still on vacation...
Waiting's still my fall, wait will be my fall.

I'm on vacation. Vacation. Vacation?
What is that? What is rest and bliss?
Arrest me sis, let me leisurely sit
In my cell, eating Jello; popping a zit.

Celldweller, never been to hell but hella relished
Keep if unprofitable - if profitable: sell it.
I see people smile and inside I feel jelous
But maybe their smiles are as fake as mine.

What's the time?

Waiting, waiting, waiting...
I'm waiting. Waiting. I'm waiting.
Waiting, waiting, waiting...
I'm waiting. Waiting. I'm waiting.

Somebody called, but the phone was busy.
Don't be a pussycat! Call! Don't be a sissy!
Somebody finally called, yet there was no answer
Am I here to take a chance, take a stance, as a dancer?

Can I make a change?
Can I find romance, sir?!
Can I end a line
Without adding a word, so it will rhyme.

I'm waiting. I wait. I wait...
Some time.

In My Wake

Another day another ache
And in bed I lie awake
Sweating in my wake of life
Less than I'd like to forsake

So much I'd like to partake in!
Like a swim in the lake
Instead I'm writing in
In my wake that I'm awake.

Lemon Compress On

One day
I wish to wake up without a sore throat
What is this viciousness?
Why won't it go away?!
Seven days to no avail!
It started just a mindless itch of pain.
Now it's fine print under a loop - within my brain.
I'm rotting though I feel fueled by youth
Just waiting to get out. To do! And move!
And I do too - every day.
A balance between "take it cool" and "move". Go away!
I balance my weight. I wait.
A highway seems to take shape outside my gate.
Cars blaze past and I've been led astray
From the limited-life-to-live every day.
To my bed. My head filled with... nothing.
Not yet. Not this early in summer.
I'd rather be out instead!

Life never moves like you'd wish it.
My fists itch. My ribs pitched beneath a thick inch of fat.
If I was out I'd carve away at that.
Yet what seems in store is no more.
It's out of stock, out of order. I'm out in Mordor.
Morbid horrors await beneath the hall floor.
All live, and all fall...

I'd rather live now, than just stall all-day.
This appauling haul of stalling, sleeping - all morning.
An endless quest for rest and yet I feel...
Maybe some work could make me heal.

I'm truant. Never saw work with so much appeal.
As this Sunday. One day to rest. Monday the next.
Mundane is this test. I'll be, waiting patiently, for the field, this dawn...
With my lemon compress on.

Like Life I

I'm lifelike -
I'm more like than less.
My lifes's my mess,
And my strike.

I like life -
I like it more or less.
And more than less,
And I write.

Poetry that grabs hold of me and moves me on!
To a new dawn with golden leaves and beautiful songs.
Frivolent speeches that reach into people's hearts.
But never to the ether to seep through the dark

The dark barricade of manmade hate.

Yet I'm like life.
I'm like: life should be lived to the fullest!
Each day should be a day like Ferris Bueller's!
A Ferris wheel-like pull on the Earth.
Surfing in our carriage never getting harried

By marriage or barrages of self worth

But I like life.
I like it twice as much when I realized -
That to like life is to fight, to write, to right,
To sing a song and forget the wrong and life might -

Carry on.

Week 28 - It's Summer!

This week blew by in a blast of sunshine (and it's not over yet)!

I'm in for a short visit to Överkalix today - another premiere for this year - with little time left as I write this late. But it is; this week was great. Especially the waking hours prior to today's date!

Here's last week.

Day After The Day

The day after the day
I'm tired but OK
I thougt I might catch a cold
But I kept the cold at bay.
I kept it away from the stables
The presents were packed on a tray
I remeber them yet.
A buddy came by to visit
And I won a badminton set!
We rode on our bikes
Instead of the stroll hike we liked
Had our new neighbor in sight -
But he never met
The cake piled high on out plates
Too much good food we ate
Till I felt like I might've eaten
Something old or rotten that wished to escape.
We caught some perch
Talked on the porch
I documented my merch
The day burned like a torch
A few calls reached our works
My brother, my sister, my cousin
And one surpriser of perps.
All in all it was on, gnarly yall!
It was a great day
The sunshine high in the sky
Not too heated, still -
It passed by as we bided our time
And checked in some time after 9-10
I read Neon Genesis Evangelion then, past 11.
Chapter 2, The End.

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