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Happy 25!

Woot, it's my birthday! This post is scheduled so I'm probably off celebrating right about now, but feel free to leave a message after the link click. ;) It's probably an awesome day. 25 to life. In life! On life! For life! For real. Yeah.

25 To Life

For 25 years - what have I done?
I've shed tears, I've stared despair -
In the eye whites - with my right eye -
For years.

I've withstood cold winters
I've been sheltered from my peers
I'm still here, I got splinters
And my mind goes "HELL YEAH!"

And blisters, and bugbites!
Every bruise or cut tells me I'm alive
I'm in a rugfight - fighting for my life
To live and be, to survive

I seek peace and bliss and propserity
Yet I raise my fist at all that blares naive - all this charity
Hopes for world peace - please herds, seize
You hide behind your moral just to appease your guilty conscience

I want to be straight and honest
And not wait for fate's late promise
But sometimes I wait regardless
Raise my arm and crave to farm bliss

Recently paychecks rainsed for the first time
Small but assuring
I feel responsible and formed
Into a full-blown, full-grown man, I'm going all in!

All in to win even if the stakes are high
Sky high - high as the light that I cherish - and feed on
That will shine through the eons and be strong
And make me ashamed to feel alive, at only 25

It's So Hot

It's so hot I almost forgot what it's like when it's hot
When your brain's about to implode, your insides slowly rot
Whether you like it or not, it's a sign, the sun is high
In the sky like a dot, a sign that it's hot

It's so hot I wake up and I don't know if I slept
I guess I did - I feel blessed with what I get
What I got - like Brad said before we went pine-
Stiff, and that was the end of Sublime... kids.

It's so hot my rhymes might not make sense
But still I make friends, I'll still make enough
To buy a Benz with a skyroof - sunroof
Where I plant my hoofs aloof with the light.

It's so hot - I've got a survivalist shock
I realize you can live even with sinuses so dry
They start to run - and you can run even when the sun is high
And I can get tan - I don't need to burn if I try

It's so hot - and tomorrow's my birthday so there.
There will be cheers I hope, maybe wavy spears in the air
I don't know! I grew up and I blew my balloons up
But I will never sieze to grow... a lot.

Or not. All I know it's so hot.


Fifth day of cloudless draught, I think. And temperatures are still rising...

Week 27 - The Wild Wide North

I didn't post much last week, just something about a file, and something just before departure... up North! To the wild and free! To where I like to be! To the wide and debris-free where I don't need to strive to breath! Where the air is clear and I'm never in despair or in dire need of a quick promenade just to sight my feet. Yeah. Next post might be a while away btw.

The flight up was booked: full. I arrived at the airport an hour too early (communal traffic was unnaturally fluent - I just missed one train) and a mere hour and minutes later I was up here - enjoying the feats and finesses (and lack thereof) - that this amazing place always brings with it. The first day was rainy and restful, but since then the sun's been gazing down mercilessly over shriveling plants and crisp green lawns. Last night the temperature didn't drop below 23C even indoors.

I've been repairing stuff and painting window frames, swimming around and hiding behind strawhats and long sleeves to fight what at the start seemed like an inevitable burn, but now appears a potential tan. I'm a son man. This latter half of last week. The former three days I was Southbound, cleaning the house in a haze, vacumming the last dusty grains at way too late, past midnight, checking my flight check-in in sight before bed bug bites I was too tired to fight. But wait... every day's been great.

We're in Kalix today mostly to buy a pump, to bring up water from the lake, 6500 liters/hour, and ease the fight we previous years fought against relentless draught, bringing up 2-300 liters on dry days by hand. Waaay too much. All that energy we'll now be able to spend on less routinous; more rewarding tasks! Woot!

I took my first swim of the year a couple of days ago, first in the lake; a few hours later in river - visiting my good buddy Andreas for the first time this year. I've eaten my first Shrimp Sandwich of the summer here in Kalix today, attained my first splinter and driven around on lazy summer roads for the first time in way too long. Life moves at a pace of its own, far from effortless, where rest's a reward many steps from stress. Happy Summer people!

Here's last seven-day stretch.

It's Hot

It's hot,
It's ten.
It's hot,

Point five...
So I'm...
Not molt...


When I lay.
It was 23C,
In the shade

It was warm,
But OK.
But today.
I've got...


It's hot,
So hot.
My pillow's,
A stove.

My elbow's,
In flames
What's cooking?
My brains...

It's hot.


Man it really is... so warm... no breeze... I feel like I.... just want to drift to sleep... but what then? I don't want to roast up again.

Better & Better

Better routines finally - I woke up at seven
A morning sun is trying to reach - in through the blinds
A mosquito buzzes silently - the birds' chirps are distant
My existence rhymes with peace - everything's sublime

Everything is fine - even if my back aches from past days
Struggles to raise the rags in our flagship garden
My hands shake from brave attempts to landscape
Look out and see vast landscapes reaching far

Far in the horizon - the sun rise, the sun sets
Over blanket blues - waves that shimmer white
Usuually it's June but this year it's July
When I look into the water and see the sky

When I wake up early to greet the light
When I share with the birds but a piece of plight
And envy their ease of flight - the seas are bright
The trees barr sight - the breeze could appease a kite

And finally I rise
To oversee this green delight
Before its seeds are ripe
The sunshine so mighty
You can barely keep your stride
Or see the strite we weed
And feed greedily
With unsalted sea keeps

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