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In The Garden

Another great day!
Full of sparkling blue waves
Full of darkened cruel caves
Full of shark fins to crave
Full of parking and play
Full of starking - raving - mad
Full of barking dogs and road hogs
And rampant rambling dads
Full of time to work and think
Full of pens run out of ink
Full of rising and converging
Abnd dishes in the sink
And bliss like it was mint
I wish my day begins
Earlier - it's starling, sunshine!
kills my Darling
Fill 'em Darwin
With knowledge and a little
Beg your pardon
I'll be plucking weeds
In the garden

One Morning Up Here

I'm lying in my bed - eyes red
I wonder when I'll be up before ten
The thumping's in my head - again!
But today I feel OK, I know it will go away.

The sun is shining bright outside
Yesterday it was raining without end
But the sunshine in my mind - is it spent?
Maybe the shine's still waiting round the bend

I love this place.
It's my oasis.
It shows me sides,
To see new faces.

I go outside.
And feel outrageously - free!
And sometimes,
This feeling is contagious...

But still it takes a little while to settle in.
For my tiredness to clear and me to get all thin.
And wake up with a vigour - ready to deliver.
With my setting in sync with my killer will.

Grim like a reaper.
Keeper of the people.
Live hard - sleep well.
Weep out all my sin.

Sit inside and spin.
Begin to grow and grin.
Settle with my kin.
Put nettles in a bin.

And so without warning I woke up this morning
Felt my thoughts storming, saw the sun warming
I see the day forming from my den, without scornly!
So there and then I grab a pen.

One fine morning up here - again.

Poetry For Me, Like Wings

Poetry for me is when I got to sleep or breath
And feel my fear and greed leave me as I bleed
And feel free and at ease and leave my scenic feats
Lean on self-esteem and gleam and feed till I'm obese

Poetry for me is a blue moon in a cruel sky
A typhoon on a cool night - apply to all accute plight
A light swoons on an old stoop, two old friends hold truce
And behold truth - through memories forego youth in clothes loose

Poetry for me is sitting down to write a page
Feeling this tingling sensation within me change
And the world begins to spin as I take aim and dive in
And free myself from sin and worldly things - life is grim

Yet poetry for me is that grimness whisked away!
A voice tells me to stay: explore and play!
And I don't know what to say but my desperation fades
And thins - and with exhasperation I recall so many things...

Poetry for me, is like wings.


So I'm up North, of course, waiting on our day's main course. In my mind words play off course on my brain's golf course. I'm evolved Norse. Saiyan. You what I'm sayin'? I'm not sure, but for sure I've got more to say. Contemplating life again while I've got more.

Waiting On A Plane

On the airplane man
I'm waiting on the plane
An hour to wane so I'm
Emptying my brain

Been sitting on the bus and
I've been sitting on a train
Everywhere everyday all the wait's
the same

At the airport now I'm
Sitting on a bench
It doesn't look really clean but I
Don't feel any stench

Have a meal in my backpack
I wonder should I wait
This morning I ate so many plates
It's like I just ate

It's sandwiches on the tray
And I wonder should it be
Coffee or tea for me
They're both free

Till that time I choose
I got coconut juice
In my black backpack
That's all scratched and abused

And by the way, food tastes better on the plane
On the ground or the sky it's never quite the same
The sky outside: makes it seem like it could rain
And that's perfect travel weather if it seems that I comaplain

It's time to aim for the sky.
Less than an hour, and Ill fly.

I'm On

I'm off? Huh? This is where it all begins! :)

Waiting On A File

I could've slept forever! This morning I woke up at 5. And then... 5:30. Then 5:45. I think it was somewhere around 6 the next time I checked. Then 7. As it started nearing 8 I pondered getting up. I thought about it a few times. Looked at the time a few times. Finally, closing in on 9, I opened my eyes and... realized I wasn't so tired after all!

It's been a good day. A lot of tidying up. Last minute (and incomplete - but I think I got all really important files) backups. A Slim Shady LP looping inaudibly in the background as I hurriedly vacuumed the house, and now only the kitchen's left, where I'm about to compose my final meal, tortillas with a batch of various leftover vegetables, cheese, ketchup; quorn. I'm just waiting for a file transfer to finish first. So I can start a new, more extensive one, that'll hopefully last the duration of my meal preparations.

I've packed my suitcase, packed my bag, handed the neighbor a key, turned off heated floors and backup electricity and cleared the cookies on my gaming computer. Cause you never know. For the first time I'm taking one HD with me, with my most important backups, packed in my suitcase in a hopefully uncrackable and unbumpable see-through blue plastic box. I get paranoid just thinking about how much time would be lost if all my stuff was to for some reason suddenly disappear, or stop working, or who knows what... but better live in the now instead of in possessions, right? You aren't who you are because of what you own, but of how you live; what you do. And that's true. So moving through...

It's finally summer! Feels strange how I'll soon be standing upon the probably bare and dried up lawn at our Northern lake house, hearing the birds chirp, breathing in that air completely free of dust and pollution, seeing the reflection of trees wave on the surface of the water, feeling the damp ground below my bare feet as the sun slowly sets on a pink and blue horizon... though it's bound to feel even stranger when I'm actually there; experiencing it. Sights and visions from previous years flash through my mind, but this is a strange time to be reminiscing. The files are still chugging away. I should be down in the kitchen. My tummy's itching. I have leftover dishes piled high, ready to get polished till they're glistening. This is in: file transfer complete, so... I can eat.

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