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Why's Before Wise

Don't know what I want to do
Or who I want to be
And who I am

Don't know why I still believe
One day I will change
I don't understand

Why things are like they are

Enter Title Here

Enter poem here.

Over 39,000 Words

I've written 39,000 words so far,
That's more than the miles driven on my brothers car!
It's like a whole book, it's like a little pocket,
My flow of words you know you can't stop it.
This is for the Creative Writing course I'm on,
I'm building something bigger than the city of Babylon!
And you know where I'm from, and I be Sweden's greatest!
Sitting with a pen and pad in a field of daises,
Crazy? Maybe, but not like Slim Shady.
Everybody gets creative lately.

I'm just hear to say: "You heard? I wrote 39,000 words!!"

Burnt Out Haiku

Here is a quick one
Burns out like a candlewick
And then it is done

Wake Up, And See

Wake up and see
See the new day
See the green fields
Sunrays that play

Wake up and see
See the routine
See the machine
Stealing your dream

Wake up to life
Wake up to skies
Blue and unveiled
Bathing in shade

The Contemplation That Wasn't

Today's poem,
I don't know when,
I'll write it,
Tonight if,
The light is,
Too bright,
So I can't sleep.

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