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Break Me Away

Break me away,
Break me away from all these...
Can't you see I'm just in a...
Lazy phase! In my -
Lazy ways! On my -
Lazy days! Buying fishy meals for -
Lousy change! But aint -
Nothing strange.

I'm just wishing that my,
Same old pace will change,
Same old place the same,
Same old shame and pain,
Same old name to blame,
Bold, gold. Bob is the robber of my...
Throbbing soul always wanting to clobber me and -
Take me whole like I -
Whack a mole! Life is heavy like I dove
Into a bowl of...

Whack I know, but I'm going to go!
Won't take no for answer,
You know my flow - grows
Like cancer.
Not a singer and I don't know no dancers.
I got questions I don't know no answers.
I get impressions I don't no no chance and I'm:
Going to rhyme sublime,
Going to strive for mine,
Going to find the time,
To show how high I've climbed,
Feeling alive and fine,
Just like a Nineties wine,
I won't just sigh and whine,
Not just a silent mime,
I've done my biding I'm,
Ready to eye the signs,
Ready to fly a nine,
And what a wonder... it aint even summer!

Lining this while I walk blind in a pine land
Running faster than the bottle of sand in my hand,
We'll get through this life like Thailand
Get a car get a house get 55 grand!
Maybe a spouse I can take out to an island and smile at and feel no trouble for many miles if I need some I'll dial in! I'm tired of all the violence, tired of all the silence.
You live once, life is gone in a blink, better live a life aligned and in chime NOT a life of crime like these politicians and collar slime chasing dollar signs.
Just letting the world know how I think! Letting words grow, till I grin!
Feel the vibe until I dive in! My verses are memoirs reminders of my mileage
I've met a lot of vile things in life and I never bet all I win. Win - lose - try again!
Better remember your alibis and abilities you file on, till you grow a coat - strong as nylon.
All I wrote are pylons I climb on! My songs are my ponds I look on and see beyond I'm gone,
When I make magic I'm not waving a wand I'm on this lawn mowing grass till the dawn is gone.
Life is a long promenade so save that Gatorade the gators they lie awake all day so don't you stray from the path you'll never take meet wrath and demon hate but that's just one escape sit back and make a way on tracks the feel so great, till you realize life is just an evil eight no matter what wheels you TAKE. Is it fate? What's after this heinous straight? Walk the roads and eventually that wrath will fade and make way for: appreciation in even todays chores, those gray moors, those heavyweight doors you can't push open without pushing way more. I know the life I'd like, so what is it I stray for? Break me away from my lazy escapades in this great store. This great war, I'd like to wage with this claymore, when I start I can't stop that's the way from which I need to break away more. Am I stubborn like a squirrel? Or irrelevant like an acorn. Fate scorns. They snore. Destiny's great doors. No really, I need to break away more.


Kill The Mic

Aight! Fight!
Break bricks over your head!
Throw stones!
The undead roam the roads holmes!
I'm having trouble containing my psyche I'm,
Listening to Killer Mike rhyme.

Christmas Carding


Started sketching a little something for a collab yesterday, and thought I'd post some WIP for once. I rarely even post W here, maybe because I so rarely do other than write hmm. I started drawing with a vague idea of an astronaut accidentally planting a flag in some alien monster, and it moved on from there... and I think it turned out pretty good!

You can see my tools of the trade above. Pencil and eraser. Pretty basic.


Simpelerythmical Filler

It's nice,
It's quiet,
It's rats,
It's mice,
It drafts,
It fights,
It sat,
A while,
Kid napped,
In style,
In peace,
In what?
I bleed,
A lot,
Of words,
Some days,
Some days,
Are far,
So far,
Some day.

Internet Trouble

It's blowing. The wind. It's harsh. Trees are falling down. Maybe power cables. Maybe phone lines. I assume this is the case, since our ISP has been letting our Internet jump on and off these past couple of days all the while the somewhat-Storm rages outside.

I managed to check my email this morning, write a few reviews, get (almost) down to business, but next time - mid-letter - I popped up Google Translate it was down again. I'd almost forgotten what it's like to look up a word in a dictionary. That dry feeling of paper is pretty nice though. The crackling sound the book makes as you flip the pages. The final 'slap' as you close the cover and shove it back onto the shelf...

Swapping topic, I've moved from throat side-effects to nose side-effects on my short venture from cold start to cold end, probably much thanks to the large doses of B-C-D-Vitamin, Magnesium, Omega 3/12/?, Garlic and Royal Jelly I've been eating these past three days. My stomach really doesn't like Royal Jelly, but my nose immediately clears up right after a 10ml dose. Like magic! The day before yesterday I was sweating like crazy. Went to sleep before 11 but couldn't fall asleep until after 3. Partially because I was right in the middle of Harry Potter's pre-trial challenges in 'The Goblet of Fire' and eventually had to open the book again and stop reading at a less eventful part. Partly because eating so much healthy stuff apparently makes you do that.

Internet's still not back up! ARGHHH!

I use Google to check since I assume they're always online, but just imagine the public outcry if that server raid in Stockholm, yesterday, just so happened to claim their servers hostage as well? I know they have their own secret mountain facilities and incredibly luxurious Google-colored server farms... but just imagine...

Oh, the server raid? While I'm facing my annoyingly unstable Internet troubles, some people are having much bigger troubles than I. Their servers are confiscated. Their sites are down. I hope they have backups!

But while these people are facing their annoyingly inconvenient server troubles, some people are having much bigger issues on their hands. That's a petition link btw, to stop Monsanto from running over the citizens of Maui and messing up the world even further. Important stuff.

I've been borrowing the car to drive to work this week. I love driving. Wish I could drive more often! At those times when I'm fully alert and supremely happy and not sitting in the drivers seat just to aid the body's automatic snivel-withering process that a 14km bike ride probably wouldn't.

Did you know that breathing through your left nostril makes you relaxed, and breathing through your right makes you energetic? Each nostril stimulates a different part of the brain, so you'd best breath equally through both nostrils. If your stressed or anxious, check out which nostril you're breathing the most through. It's probably the right. Right? Enough about nostrils.

So what's up! So what is UP?! So who's down at this time of the year? When does the sun go down in your part of the world? I hope I don't write out my daily quota before they fix the net here, still have a few reviews I should do... meanwhile: life is life. I'm drawing an awesome Christmas card for a collab. I was on a roll with Nicholas Cage movies but now it's back to Asian martial art mastery and Donnie Yen's last year trilogy of films. That's all.

A Late Haiku

Oh damn I forgot
To write a poem today
Here's a late haiku

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