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Little whiff of fresh air.
A car ride did me get here,
Car I'd wish had less gears

I'm standing waiting in the forest,
Nose running.
Waltzing around this morning,
Wonderin' if I was done in

Or not, I guess I was: not.
Standing here waiting for the clock to make a stop.
I'm on my grind, I'm on my grind because -
It's an honest little living and too little to be lost.

I live a little life, a life with little highlights,
When highlights are nigh they're never timed right,
The days are never long enough - but I don't mind nights,
Only when I try to sleep but can't dream cause my mind's high:

Hyper. So much code to decipher.
So much strife that I'd like to just slice and make rice out of.
Shout louder. Try harder. Get greedier so:
I can live larger.

But it's the little highlights that make it matter.
I just wish I could skip these preparations for the battle.
The battle always nearing, and I'm just here preparing.
Life can be a dream, I just hope that no nightmare wins.

An eerie silence spreading in this room,
I'm waiting for the bang for the blam for the boom.
An eerie silence up inside my head.
No more rhymes, I guess I'll... let it rest.

Another day of practice, waiting for the test.

No Cold For The Old

The sun is shining bright outside,
Yet I am sitting in.
It's not like I just try to hide,
It's not a stroke of whim.
I went to bed one day too late,
Then woke up with a cold.
And thought but for a moment,
I wish that I were old.

Old people don't get cold you know,
Old people grow immune.
And the older older people grow,
The stronger their perfume.
The less they wash their clothes each day,
The more they all forget.
And so they save more money,
And also some regret.

I wouldn't mind just being old,
Just for a day or two.
Just to make my sinus clear,
And let me breath anew
Just to chase that bashful itch,
Far far from my throat.
Then I'd be back tomorrow, a me before I woke,
Forgetful of the torment, of the old, and get a cold.

Till Death Does Us Part

Here's a little tune to liven up this seasonal darkness! Good vibe is universal right? ;)

Johnny Rocketfingers 3

Just going to post a little advert here for this kickstarter. If you've ever played the old Johnny Rocketfinger games, or any old entertaining Point & Click adventures like Monkey Island or Day of the Tentacle - with sequences of animated story in between the awesome action and random entertainment, you might like it! I managed to snag one of the Early Bird spots and definitely hope this'll make it past the planning stage. One more link!

Week 49 - Cold Week

Here in Stockholm we've had 1 hour of sun in November. Up North they've had 44. Usually it's the other way around, but it really didn't seem like that little. I guess even daytime clouds are an illusion of light. Seems hopeful. Seems like even though December and January are supposedly the darkest months of the year, we may be through the darkest month already! :D

Also I got a cold. Woke up with a sore throat this morning. Felt tired yesterday but still refused to give up reading just one more chapter on the third Harry Potter book (and so on... in that vicious cycle of all addictive reading). Guess that was my mistake. I'll probably be on my way to the 4th book tonight though, given this newfound opportunity to relax and savor the restful moments. If you haven't read Harry Potter yet, it's a great series, and if you want to save the best for last: watch the movies first!

In other news, we have a tiny little yellow ladybug (and why lady?) crawling around the house right now. Mid-winter. It was scrambling along the edge of the table at dinner yesterday, and we put out a flake of carrot peel for it to gnaw on. Just one flake bigger than that little critter itself; probably a month's worth of food. Though it seems they don't really eat that stuff. They'd rather eat plant lice... vicious little ladybuggers. Hope hoverflies will do though, because we have plenty of those!

Swapping topics, there'll be no more Walking Dead (the only series I follow) till February! And right at the best part! Random wonder: do lips shrink with age? And as for what I've been doing this week, I've been working; collaborating; reading; writing; recording; shopping intensely for that time of the year that always nears faster than you expect it to.

On the blog: posted 6 reviews and then some other things. And most importantly, Stop TTIP!

Here's last week.

Left Behind (2014)

Left Behind (2014)

What would you do if suddenly, all the kids in the world just disappear? Kids, and some other people, and only the bad guys were left.

The premises for the plot his full of promise, but it doesn't feel like they make the most of it. Why's the guy who wants to pray to Allah still on the plane? What did the main character do to merit getting left behind like that? Biggest question of all: how are all the supposed sinners in this story the ones we feel the most compassion towards?

I don't know how I jumped into this religious voyage... guess it had something to do with how the movie cover depicted a burning jet and Nicholas cage, pilot, standing worried on the barren stretch of sand in front of it. But the movie wasn't all the action I expected, even though it did have one fierce landing sequence and brewing anarchy, and some really nice footage of various items getting thrown through windows or glass being shattered in other ways.

It was a message, and though I'm not sure if I want to either disbelieve or believe, it was an inspiring one as such, and at times pretty emotional. Somehow all movies of this sort still feel like attempted brainwash sessions, but I'd say this one came the closest to being a good movie without shoving religious moral straight in your face. It's standing a few steps away, like a homeless person holding a big sign. I won't spoil it for you (well, I guess this whole review is a major spoiler already...), just know that if you are an adamant atheist, this might not be your type of movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad

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