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In the oceans the waves reek pesticide
Insecticide, it rests inside
Yellow wave foam and no man rests a smile
Please step aside, for a better life

On the concrete there's nothing left but gray
Our steps they sway, it tests us slaves
Still we hope for better days, let some praise
Seep through this regret and pain

In the ocean the waves come tumbling in
They rumble grim, with tumbling fins
In the air we swim and in ocean they
Who roam the waves, control our space

We flatten landscapes, roll them out
We mold and scout, and stroll about
Why does our heart not beat enough
For this world we are eating up

I wish, we never seized to exist-
As fish

Fool Slayer

The rows of roses corrode
They rain down like rust on wilting meadows
Still! Through the ashes a new form rises!
A monster, a forlorn beast, many disguises

I pick up my sword and slice him
But it does not matter, he does not get beat
My sword shatters. I retreat.
One of my vices is using a blade made in-

China. Aluminum. Tin foil. Two layers.
They call the dragon the Fool Slayer.

How To Relax

Might be worth learning some time.

Week 1 - The Beginning

The New Year begun with a bang!

It began with plenty of bangs, also called fireworks. The sky lit up like a hairnet set ablaze with Aerosol spray. Well maybe not exactly like that, but like a sky lit up by fireworks didn't seem like the right simile. And there really is no comparison.

The day after, I woke up late, wasted my time and didn't at all take advantage of the surplus of energy I should have had considering it's now 2014! A time of new hope! Time of promises, plans and great visions and ambitions! During the week that passed I've posted twelve movie reviews, a Happy 2014 post with little content (though I did throw together a Flash that I hope to upload here soon - soon as I get the Flash section sorted again). I dreamt about a house, thought about headaches, examined my nose, tried typing with my eyes closed and finally, envisioned the future and finally decided what to do at the end of each week. Posts? Yeah, I think I'll keep the tradition alive.

Apart from a little site work I've animated a couple of one-hour flashes, worked on a large collaboration for *I'm not allowed to say yet* and as you might've guessed... watched a bunch of movies. Resolutions are going well except for the work-searching part, cause I kept stalling and at the end of the week (that fateful weekend that ended yesterday, that one when I didn't have time to post this - I made an animation instead) there weren't any jobs on the site I'd planned on applying for jobs on! But then again this week was only five days long so that's an exception rite.

I'm starting a course the 14th but I'm definitely going to do more than that this year, it's only part-time after all. So far... it's going OK! Posting this now; tomorrow's a new day.

Here's last week.

Weekly Posts?

I've been contemplating writing weekly posts like this, like I did last year (maybe the first year I've pretty much managed to write something that often) but I thought I'd do it a bit differently this time around, and post summaries of all weekly posts at the end of said week together with a quick notice... or a longer notice if I haven't actually been posting anything.

It's much easier to write about events when they happen, so... that's the plan. I thought I'd write up something yesterday but the night was late. Haha. Late night. Yeah. Stage fright. Stray lights.

Last years weekly posts can all be viewed here, all of these weekly posts here. Apparently I wrote a bunch of these back in 2008 too, but only posted the first 17 or so here... the rest at NG. I'll be porting those here eventually though, till then!

Special Chabbis (2013)

Special Chabbis (2013)


Based on a real life group of con artists who pulled off many clever robberies during 1980s, and robbed famous businessmen and politicians by pretending to be the CBI or Income tax officers...

That about sums it up! Oh, and did I mention it was a great movie? Like the Bollywood version of Oceans 11, without all the bling bling, it's my thing thing.

It's down to Earth, it's clever, it's the story of a group of different people, cops and robbers... and the fact that it's all based on a true story makes it all the better. And not to forget, the main character is played by the same actor who played Rowdy Rathore - Akshay Kumar (maybe the first Bollywood name I know that'll stick... at least the last name).

Conclusively: go watch it, unlike Dhoom & Don it doesn't seem to be catered towards an internationally audience, it's not so flashy, there's not so much spoken English, but that just makes it even better.

Oh, and a great music video as the credits roll. Thought that might be best appreciated if you've watched the film. :)

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