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The Nose Thing

I just discovered that pressing points under each nostril makes me sneeze, and pressing the point at the center, right under the nose, between the nostrils, prevents it.

Wonder if it works the same way for everyone?

I Must Confess

I almost forgot
That I should write something for
This very fine day

Evading Headaches

I woke up with a headache today... almost.

Lay in bed for a while, kept my tired eyes shut, tried to relax, and when I did get out of bed a mere fiteen minutes later the ache was gone. Miraculously absolved.

The strange thing is that in the past, when I've woken up with a feeling like this, it's only become worse the more I lie in bed. So what's the difference now? What am I doing differently? Is the weather different, maybe it's warmer, maybe more humid? Is it the level of light in the room that's lower now that we have shutters on the windows? Whatever it is it's been happening a few times now, and I'm thankful for it! Haven't a real headache in *knock knock* weeks, maybe even months.

Less stress maybe.

Singham (2011)

Singham (2011)

Here's another Bollywood movie about a supercop, very similar to the Rowdy Rathore that come out the year after. This time it's also about corruption, but instead of a village being owned by some rich criminal, it's now an entire city, an entire police department is bribed, the main character stumbles into this corruption by chance aaand... with some trial and error, and merciless tactic, he sorts it all out.

Though I don't particularly mind it, some of the digital effects in this movie are all but realistic. People getting slammed into ground, and then flipping over from the force of the slam, cars cartwheeling around, the main character dragging out a criminal from a car as it's barrel-rolling above his head... realism isn't the strongest aspect of this movie. Despite this, it has a lot of strong emotion. At times it's comical, at times it's tense, and of course there's a little (but just a little in this one!) romance and dancing mixed in.

No spectacular dance scenes, a bit too spectacular sound effects when punches are raining down, and those crazy effects... but after seeing this, I'm on my way to see another one. So it can't be all that bad, can it! Entertainment factor: GREAT. Not as good as Rowdy though.

 rated 3/5: not bad

That Medal

Holy shit I finally got the 31 mile medal on this, the seventh user to do so.

32 miles! 32 MILES! Are you up for a challenge? Man this medal has been pressuring me over the past month... at first I played this game a few times each day but kept tripping up somewhere after half-marathon, eventually I probably stopped expecting to win, but I let time pass... and today, I made it! This deserves to be celebrated. :D

Oh hey, Psycho Goldfish Day. Have a great one! I meant to post this a few months ago btw, Psycho Goldfish Day was... October 29. Better then than now, but then again, better now than never...

Rush (2013)

Rush (2013)

Rush is the story of racing, of two drivers who despite their differences are really quite similar, though by a twist of fate end up bitter enemies. One is care-free and crazy, the other's reserved and ambitious. The first lives for racing, the second lives for success, whatever it may be. OK so maybe they're not so similar after all, and yet there's something that brings them together, tears them apart; makes them the most vicious competitors.

These two drivers are Nicki Lauda and James Hunt, rivals, friends, enemies... and the movie is an exciting tale that almost looks like it may be (wait let me check... it is!) based on a real story. The names are real, the story's real, the time is 1970something (though it looks like it was just yesterday :P).

It's a tale of personalities, fates and racing, and two spectacular people. Great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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