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Barfi! (2012)

Barfi! (2012)

Barfi! is the story about Barfi, a deaf boy, and later: man. It's a story about two relationships, about love, money, injustice and life. It starts off with him getting in trouble with the police, getting taken back to Darjeeling, but in the end... that's just a flashback.

After this brief appetizer we're taken back to a flashback of his youth, how his mother was electrocuted by a radio (and died), how he was named Murhpy after that same radio, Murphy radio (it's a real radio too, look it up!), though his own 'take' on his name sounded more like Barfi (thus the title), how he spread love and happiness wherever he went and how he didn't let his handicap stop him from enjoying life.

But then, his father died, stuff starts happening, he ends up caring for a handicapped girl, attempting to rob a post office, escaping, getting arrested, losing the girl, getting her back and living happily ever after. It's like a sad comedy the way he keeps his mood up no matter how shitty life gets, but it doesn't really get that shitty... in the end.

Eventually he gets taken to a police station to testify, and there he tells his story. Other people tell their angles on events portrayed, you get to hear their versions, you get revelations as the story winds along and you slowly reach a conclusion... though maybe not the one you wanted to reach.

It's a beautiful story I guess, but not one that manages to lift my spirits. Melancholy much? Bittersweet.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Growl & Hush

A rhyme for a change, best spoken with a rhythm!


I'm eating nuts!
Sitting by the screen, never needing much.
Severed my eating rush
With a diet - now I fight it

I'm feeling up
Feeling down, never staying up
Maybe I should duck lay low and then...
Feign a rush!

A rush to reign a rush to
Feign a rush to reign
A rush.
If life's too slow you go insane

A bunch of evil demon slain, if you get what I'm sayin'?
But it's never enough
When rhymes are clever times are tough
Now or never - time is up.

Say your prayers!
Or forever - growl and hush

A Dream House

I dreamt bout my dream house this morning. Well, of course it was a dream house since I dreamt about it, but it really was a dream. From the outside the house looked like a shopping mall, with passageways between different parts of the building, large tiled walkways, steps, concrete flower beds and best of all: pools.

I never had a chance to actually swim in one, though, because some stranger appeared and walked around the premises so we stayed indoors... for some reason. He didn't seem like much of a threat. It might even have been someone we knew.

The house was located on a hilltop, and from the office you could see miles away. The scenery was fantastic. I remember the office from a previous dream, but I'm not sure the rest of the house was the same.

The office was definitely the most special room in the building, located at the end of the right wing, with huuuge panorama windows, three long carbon desks with carbon office chairs (one for reach) already set up, one of the tables with a somewhat old computer set upon it, shelfs to the wall and... no coffee machine. I remember in my previous dream there was a coffee machine. I remembered this in my dream. The floor was made of paneled wood, the room was relatively large, and if I had actually lived there I'm sure I would have used it more as a lounge than an office because there's no way I would've been able to concentrate with that beautiful scenery, or that much light... even though the skies were cloudy in the dream.

There was also a catwalk indoors, one that bridged the housing area and the right wing, where the office lay, it climbed slightly upwards, then descended so steeply you could slide on the floor. So we did, me and my cousins, we slid down all the way into the hall below, which was like the hall at an airport, with thick metal beams and bulks alongside walls. The catwalk was metal, too, a stable construction.

The living quarters were a bit higher up, first the living room, then a passageway through the stairwell (with what looked like 16 floors... though I don't know why I thought that number specifically) and then to a hallway/lounge type of area that I think had something to do with bedrooms or other rooms... before you arrived on the catwalk.

I was there with my parents first, until suddenly my cousins showed up. I almost dropped a glass plate in the stairwell, but it was a stupid construction anyway, with loose glass plates lining the fenced area. The living area was mostly colored gray, though it was light, cozy and spacious, and now that I'm writing about this...

I'm forgetting the things I still haven't written about. I woke up in a cold sweat for some reason, but it was a good dream!

This Is My Writing Style

This is my writing style...
The style of writing I've...
Developed over years...
It's far from over - there...

Over the mountain top...
Below the broken skies...
With hope it ties a knot...
Of joke and jest and pride...

And provokes a tired trot...
If all you do is smile...
It invokes a fire not...
If in soul - at least in mind...

And stays there for a while...
Slays fear and then denial...
Breaks the face of all that's vile...
This is my writing style...

This is my writing style.

Don 2 (2011)

Don 2 (2011)

The Don is back!

As he promised in the last movie, he's now king of the underworld, controlling pretty much the entire drug trade in Asia. Of course, this also means he's recieved some powerful enemies, but he doesn't seem to have much trouble dealing with them (as he shows quite nicely in the deja-vuish introductory fight).

He soon hands himself in to the Police, much to Roma's great surprise and satisfaction, only to look up his old buddy/now enemy Vardaahn, break out of prison and start planning (together with a set of allies and enemies) for the biggest job of the century.

For a while it seems like his going good is all to please the audience, like... he really is going to change! But then you don't know Don, and this movie wouldn't be what it is without the twists. Really, really clever detective/thriller/action drama, that this time around features much higher budget, coreography and sceneries all around the globe. Nothing beats the original of course, but this is a more than worthy sequel.

They should change the Catching Don is not only difficult, it's impossible catchphrase to Catching Don is difficult, keeping him caught is impossible. Great watch!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Don (2006)

Don (2006)

I am really getting into the groove of these Bollywood movies!

When I watched Dhoom 1 and 2 it turns out I watched a couple of the best Bollywood movies I might ever watch, with amazing dance scenes, amazing chases; amazing fights... amazing everything compared to the (I suppose) more mediocre quality of the average Bollywood movie. In terms of realistic/majestic fighting, catchy tunes and car chases this one doesn't compare, but it was a great movie all the same, in other ways.

It's about a criminal, Don, about his double, Vijay, about a corrupt cop, two other gang leaders in the criminal organization where Don still isn't boss (hint hint), a girl, a kid, a victim... and about a lot of fates, all of them intertwined. The further it goes, the more it surprises, and only at the end is everything really revealed.

At times I'm thinking the acting could've been better; the main character isn't as sincere as he could be... or is he? Everyone's really not who they say they are, or who they seem to be, and at the end of it all... I'm both a little disappointed over the results, a little exalted over the clever plot that was actually a plan all along, yet at the same time a bit concerned about how things will turn out in the future for all characters who were who they seemed to be... and what about that kid? Who will take care of him now? Onto the sequel!

Btw, this isn't the best watch if you just want action, even if has plenty of that: jumps without parachutes, fistfights, gunfights, car chases; explosions. It was however one of the better plot-twisters I've seen in a while. Enjoy the ride!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

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