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BBS Award Thoughts Of Life

Cordyceps, the laborious vet, made this morning my most glorious yet.
The BBS awards? No reason to hate it, when I just made it: I'm nominated!
I guess it's soon time to start the Flash, before that due time the votes amass,
They go for all types, they go in fast, they go and go and the show must last.

And then I realized the Flash was maybe, not mine to make, it's complicated,
I took for granted it was on rail, still awesome yay, but thoughts derail...
Where was I going? What purpose serves this? Is this twist but purpose service?
A learning purpose, re-purposed surplus, and that's when I discovered sermons.

I became Christian, my life to God, then realized all religion's flawed,
I took the books and threw them down, my hope for future's ruined now,
But maybe that's the last I see, this throwing books: it's blasphemy?
Can't I just live like cats in peace, all rapids seize, sit back and breath.

What is life now, what is love? What's down below what's above?
What is my place here and will I find it, will I just keep searching blindly?
Roaming the world without a place, finding faith in Cyberspace,
Trying to my trials escape, batter my mind and make a cake!

Longing for purpose meaning and will, in the face of time even eons are still,
Longing for dunes in the sands of time, I get ingrained in my slanted rhyme,
Longing for something far from Hades, maybe I'll reach it as nominated,
And all this started with Cordyceps, for life and all, the stage is set.


Wrote this incredibly crappy poem too, first, too crappy:



This might not be exactly on time/date, but somewhere near here we hit this particular count.

And it's worth a mention don't you think? A thousand approved, introspective, inspiring, thought-provoking and commensurate comments have currently been posted on this blog. :)

That's a fourth of all posts.

So let us commemorate! And if you haven't commented yet...?

Well it's never too late.

Ten Second Poem

I have ten seconds to write a poem,
Let's see how far ten seconds take me,
Before the beat breaks down and things are,


Without preparations! Hardcore poetry freestyle! 9 seconds! I should do this some time when I'm actually in some kind of rhythmical groove, not slow-minded early morning...

You Never Grow Too Old For Snow

Snow fell yesterday,
It fell and covered,
The world.

I shoveled the snow!
I tumbled and rolled,
Only in my mind.

Because I'm a grown-up now!
And I don't have time for fun,

I set my sights on the biggest pile,
My face lit with a smile!
I remembered my time as a child!

And I dove in.
You never grow too old,
For some things.



Lookie here! What's that white stuff... on the ground?! Could it really be..? Is it cotton candy? A blanket of spun sugar? A massive cobweb full of small squeaky crawling arachnids? Is it the dandruff of God? The ashes of Time? Frozen flakes of diluted Water?! It's winter, FINALLY! For at least a day.

Musicalish #45

Music. Yeah! Exclusively Internet artists in this one.


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