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What's that a trap? How can I rap with a trap
Stuck in my mind for the latter of time it's a rap
So it ends so it starts again who woulda thought
That I'da bought the new trend, you could've stopped
Me though, before I drop all my flow
Go like the bottom below, down to the lost and the old
Down with unbuttoned control, bottomless bottom so cold
Cold and growing of mold, I wish I'd stopped when I rolled
I'm not a cotton ball I'm more like gauss
An applause with hands sticky with applesauce, like a boss
I was a regular employee yes I was
Now I'm not regular now I'm irregular like Lost
What WAS that show? Dafaq did I just watch?
I could as well have been drinking my eight bottle of scotch
And it ends in a church and so it's all explained
So lame, the director should unwall his brain, it's like a...


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