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2015 In Review

Oh my, so much I've posted this year! I just went through it all. Just now. 835 posts. I skimmed, but it did take a while! Since everyone else is doing this kind of thing, I thought I'd post a little review of the most notable events documented on the blog this part!

So, what have I been up to these past 365 days? I started Project 2015, and have since then posted 365 pieces of leftover lyricism. I've kept up with weekly posts (just updated the tag archive here) all this time as well. My Internet was down at the start of the year, and I relied mostly on a crappy cellphone connection to do my daily does. Read more about that in the coincidentally most commented-on post of the year! It took a month to get our Internet back! And then...

We had an eclipse, I found Bored Panda, I've been collaborating on an EP, I went to a national badminton tournament with my nephew - who represented Östersund, I've started taking backups with Mega, I started a new job, I tried catering, I'm still watching Team Coco videos - which apparently I started with earlier this year, I got a new bike (a Monark Karin), a 9$ computer was kickstarted, I had a phase of dizziness that was pretty disturbing, had a great summer though, went to a couple of funerals (RIP Kalle Gärde and Thea Vanhatalo), went to Cosmonova with a cousin, watched Fast & Furious 7 and Specter at the cinema (both spectacular movies), among much else!

In the world... a lot has been going on, but not the kind of stuff I want to happen. Windows 10 came out (I refuse to upgrade), Sir Christopher Lee died, and in those areas where change needs to be done, change is not being done. Whatever happened to this appeal, which I was so excited to hear about earlier this year? It seems everybody is deaf to issues that might put an end to their wasteful ways of life. For shame. I've posted a few activism (does encouragement to sign petitions class as activism?) posts, motivational quotes and educational videos, but not much about what I think about the worldly situation. Basically: I think it's shit. If I delve into such topics, there'd be a lot to type about this new year! But there are positive worldly events too, albeit in scarce supply on the blog.

From topics that aren't in sparse supply, I've gathered together a small selection of the posts I liked the most. It wasn't a small task to select just a few, though! Divided by category, from old to new in each one, here are the most notable:

Weekly Posts

Week 14 - Easter
Week 26 - First Week Up North
Week 31 & 32 - Summer Dune
Week 37 & 38 - Two Week New Speak
Week 42 - It's Like Forty Too
Week 50 - The Bug, Italian, Etc

Other Posts

The Lie We Live
All In One Piece!
The Twitch
To Whom It May Concern
Mystiskt Bo På Botten Av En Sko

Clever Posts

At Times I Wonder...
I Set My Mind...
At The End Of The Day...
Little Power Outrage
Don't You Know?
Food For Thought

Inspiring Quotes

Wise Men Talk...
Cogito Ergo Sum
Chose A Job You Love...
Doors Are For People...
You Want To Be A Writer?
We All Know Light Travels Faster Than Sound...

Contemplative Writings

The Misinformational Motto Mashup
May I?
Happy People...
Little Jehovahs
People In Their Cells

Creative Works

Some Suns Stun
Eat Your Rice
Now It's Fall
The Day Of Fog
50 Shades Of Summer 2015
God Hjul

Also, here's the longest and shortest post of the year.

Apart from all this, I've posted old projects in batches of 10,000 leftover characters, snapshots (and reviews) of games, and reviews for all movies I've watched this year (and a few old ones that were just lying around). How many? 147! That's an average of almost 3 movies each week, though I don't always watch movies that often. A post with my favorite movies of the year should be coming later, and there were plenty!

I had a good Halloween this year, I made some music I'm pretty proud of (you know where to find those!), and even introduced a new Lyrics category to store textual versions for all new songs.

This blog reached one million words worth of content this year! That is a LOT of words, more than I ever thought I'd reach when I started this blog!! And a large portion of that was written this year. I feel I've been writing more and longer than I have in recent years, so who knows, maybe the next million isn't so far off. :)

Pages have been revised this year, content has been added, but there's still much that needs doing before I feel this place is entirely up-to-date again. I added a Changelog page for a few months this year, with the purpose of motivating me to be more active with updates to the site, but when I started spending more time documenting updates than on the actual updates I decided to shut down that project real quick. :) There's no such thing as a finished website though, it'll always be a work in progress! And for 2016: I hope for a lot of progress. :)

This was a hopefully relevant selection of all the main things I managed to write about in 2015. Hope you enjoyed the summary, and Happy New Year once again!

Time to review a few movies.


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