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Beautiful like two bees having a threesome. Wutt?


The constitution tells us to rethink our values, around us.


Shit I got an anal fissure again
Shit's sinister shitting it hurts when will it end?
Feels worse today, acute pain when I
SHIT yes I feel a bit ripped but not positive friend

It's hellish, the more I say the more I dwell on the
Pain that I quell when I, go let it well
Even after - sitting here forcing laughter
You know what they say a smile heals faster

Gotta be careful what I eat, and that I sleep
That I walk around on ground with my two feet
Health, diet and exercise and less sitting
Maybe I won't feel so vexed shitting

I gotta focus, gotta forget my inner pain
And step up to my game neglect my inner shame
Regret? It's all the same, it's a vexing ricochet
Telling me to sit inside when I could be out all day hey


I could really use a wish right now
You're standing so tall and I'd wish you'd bow
So you could see me but your wrists are now
Up in my face, and your in my space like a piston ow


It's late and I'm writing. Since it's Easter we've been celebrating today. We just got back from a long walk, late night, after a big big meal. Dinner. Fish and potatoes, some other stuff, much more lubriciously edible than it may seem to be.


I won't change
It's not in my range
Aint no idea
You tell me to be
Cause I don't hear
Not on that ear
I won't change
Have no fear

I won't taste
The bitter change
Seen better days
But I'm OK

I will take
All the blame
All you train me to be
Just blame it on me

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